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Team Interaction Optimisation Platform

Hire the best, 
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Can Thomas Perform really improve retention, hire an accurate fit and improve employee wellbeing? Yes. It’s that clever, but very simple.

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Star ratings

Show who matches closest to the skills and traits that are the most important to the role, based on the job profile you’ve built. None of the bias, just science.

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Colleague compare

Share your results with your colleagues within our platform and receive tips and insights on how to improve your communication in a few quick clicks.

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Tailored questions

Hire the best person by using our interview guides, written by our team of business psychologists and tailored to each person.

Find the perfect candidate

Choose the skills, traits and learning style needed for the role and we’ll find you the person who matches it best.

Instead of looking at CVs and LinkedIn profiles, compare candidate role fit side-by-side with our star rating system, reduce the impact of unconscious bias and build a more diverse team.

Find the perfect candidate

Ask the questions that give the real answers

Delve into gaps between the role and each candidates' specific traits by using tailored questions built by our psychologists to explore their assessment results further.

Interview guides

Onboard with the personal touch

Understand their communication style, how they liked to be managed and how to motivate your new hire with our detailed, personalized guides.

Onboarding advice

Keep your team engaged

We’re all different so it seems a bit obvious that we work in different ways.

But if you know the differences in your team, you can give them what they really need. Different things work for different people, use it to your advantage. Your team will thank you for it.

Employee engagement

Keep your hybrid team happy

Everyone reacts to hybrid working differently. Some people thrive under the freedom, others need the structure.

Using people science to understand this about your team will keep them supported and engaged, wherever they work.

Manage Remote Workers

You use an ATS? No problem!

Our platform can be integrated to whichever Applicant Tracking System you’re using, making it an easy part of your hiring process.


"We've been using Thomas assessments ourselves for years, and we believe that Thomas Perform will make it even simpler to identify candidates' strengths and limitations, communication style and at a much earlier stage of the recruitment process."

Nour Sbitany, Assistant HR Advisory Manager
See who your team need

See who your team need

So, you have a gap in your team. They need to be organized and hit the ground running. The problem is, everyone says that on their CV, how can you prove it before hiring?

That’s where people science comes in. You pick the qualities, the candidates complete an assessment, and we’ll show you who will fit your team best. You can use this to find the people you actually need and hire them based on science, not gut feeling.


See what your team need

When you take our assessments, you’ll get insights into your behavior, personality and the way you learn. Now, think about how useful it would be if your manager knew this about you? And you knew this about your team?

That’s what our platform does. Everyone is that little bit happier because they understand each other. Properly.

See how your team need it

See how your team need it

Now you know what makes your team tick, you can put it into action. You’ll get personalized information on how each person likes to communicate and how they work best. You can even compare them directly to yourself and get tips on getting the most out of meetings and how best to manage them.

All of this is built in a user-friendly, easy-to-understand way. Assessment feedback is always written in a positive way and we’re backed by the British Psychological Society.

What makes us different?

We’ve combined technology and psychology into an intuitive platform packed with deep people insights. Whether you’re taking your next career step, recruiting, fighting staff attrition, building engagement levels, or helping teams develop and gain a competitive advantage, TIO is the new work superpower that helps you and your people be their best, authentic selves every day.



Put the power of people science to work straight away with no training needed.



Find every role’s best fit, and assemble harmonious teams with easy-to-understand insights.



Underpinned by proven psychological science and validated by world-class institutions and academics.