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Employee Engagement Solutions

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Employee Engagement Solutions

Motivate your team to keep them

An engaged employee is a happy, productive employee that feels valued and is committed to the business. When employee engagement goes wrong, businesses are left with disruptive, unproductive staff who are more likely to leave. But how do you engage them – and keep them engaged?

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They say knowledge is power, and this is especially true when focusing on employee engagement. Thomas assessments can give you an understanding of how to communicate with, manage and motivate your people – the building blocks of employee engagement.​

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Communicate to engage. It’s that simple

Unengaged employees leave their roles early, are unproductive and distract others. At best this is an inconvenience, but at worst, can result in disruption, decreased work and engagement levels.

Knowing how they want to be communicated with and managed helps you to build trust and keep them engaged. Thomas assessments give you a level of insight into their personality and behavioural traits that helps to maintain employee engagement, increase productivity, and decrease staff attrition.

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Do your people feel challenged?

Many candidates read employee reviews on sites like Glassdoor. Bad reviews from existing staff paint a negative image that may be inaccurate. This can stop great candidates from applying.

Bored staff members can become unproductive, and their untapped potential wasted. Use Thomas assessments to gain deep insight into your people to see which need to be challenged more, as well as the types of challenges that might best suit them.

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Engagement must be meaningful

Engagement and pulse surveys can be a great boon to businesses but can easily become a check-box exercise and do more harm than good. Staff can become fed up with filling in surveys meaning engagement and productivity levels can drop and employee attrition rates rise.

Learn how to engage and motivate people in order to get the best out of them. Bespoke workshops around Behaviour help managers and leaders build a practical toolkit of skills.

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