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Employee Engagement Solutions

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Employee Engagement Solutions

Changing how we work together

Disruption, uncertainty and hybrid working have left many of us feeling disconnected and disengaged. How can you re-engage your people, and rebuild that feeling of connection they need to be happy, productive members of your team?

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Knowledge is power

Thomas Perform provides actionable insights into how to communicate with, manage and motivate your people – enhancing engagement and boosting business one interaction at a time.

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Discover what engages your people

Recent research from Gallup shows that less than 20% of the global working population are feeling engaged at work. This lack of engagement results in reduced productivity and the loss of valuable team members.

Engagement begins with understanding, and Thomas helps you understand how you and your people like to work and communicate, how you like to be managed and motivated, even how you react to conflict. This insight empowers you to communicate more effectively with your team and help them to make every interactions a success for enhanced engagement.


Help your people feel challenged

Bored employees are unengaged and unproductive employees – don’t let their untapped potential go to waste. Use the people science insights that Thomas equips you with to understand how quickly your people learn, how they approach challenges, how they are likely to cope with change, and channel their potential into projects that enable them to feel valued, while making progress.

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Make work meaningful

Engagement shouldn’t be approached as a “one-size-fits-all” approach – everyone likes to be managed, motivated, communicated with and engaged differently.

Use the people science insights that Thomas provides to support a human-centric leadership team. Gain an understanding into what motivates each individual; use the bespoke ‘How to Onboard’, ‘How to Manage’ and ‘Remote Working’ content to ensure that your approach to engagement is personalised to each so everyone feels valued, and empowered to perform at their finest.

Discover your new work superpower