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More productive teams use Colleague Compare

We’ve got the only tool which will really help you understand your colleagues.

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Compare with your colleagues 

View your profile next to your colleagues and easily see your differences, your joint strengths and how to improve your communication when working together.

You’ll see tips from our psychologists on how best collaborate and, when put in practice, feel empowered, productive and confident working as part of a great team.

Your profile is your own

Your profile is your own

Everyone has control over their profile, and you have complete control over what you share. But once you’ve looked at your profile, you’ll see it as a positive reflection of yourself.

Embrace your insights and use it to your advantage by sharing with colleagues and build better relationships within your team.

Understanding your profile

Understanding your profile

You’ll get tips from our psychologists on how to best engage and interact with your colleagues based on your profiles.

It’s super easy to understand, and you can use them to change your approach to align with how your team likes to work.

David Newberry Profile

Read how Colleague Compare helped David, our Customer Engagement Officer:

I joined Thomas last July and needed to get up to speed quickly. I wanted to move fast, but when comparing my profile with one of my new colleagues, I realised I need to modify my style.  

Based on guidance, I made sure I was concise and to the point.

I provided clarity on exactly what I was looking for and allowed time for my colleague to reflect and consider the request. The result was that my colleague responded well.

If I hadn't had the insights there is no doubt I would not have developed such a positive relationship in such a short period of time.  

Improve relationships, improve retention

Improve relationships, improve retention

We know that most employees leave an organization because of their manager.

Use these insights to build a stronger level of trust and respect, and keep everyone happy, supported and motivated at work.