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Thomas for the Public Sector

Public sector organisations need to deliver more with less. They need to be able to recruit and identify leaders with broad skill sets, nurture individuals and build cohesive teams to deliver better outcomes for their organisations and the communities they serve. 

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financial services

Thomas for Financial Services

Financial services companies operate in a market that is hugely competitive and often ruthless. They need to recruit the very best candidates with specialist skills who will thrive in a highly demanding work environment. Financial services companies are seeking to diversify their workforce to drive ever increasing productivity with addressing unconscious bias in decision making key to this.

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Thomas for Recruitment & Staffing

Recruitment and staffing companies operate in a competitive environment of continuous growth demanding that they not only recruit the best talent but talent that fits the company culture and stays for the long term. Removing unconscious bias in decision making is key to this.

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recruitment & staffing
digital technology

Thomas for Digital & Technology

The digital tech sector is one of the fastest growing. These companies not only need to be able to identify and hire the best talent quickly but choose candidates who are the best fit and will stay longer in a sector with typically high staff turnover rates.

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Thomas for Energy & Utilities

Renewable energy sources and new technology is transforming the energy and utilities sector at pace. With high staff turnover and an ageing workforce, these companies need to be able to identify and recruit the best young talent that can be moved up the career ladder quickly and have robust succession planning processes in place so that they are ready to take over from their predecessors.

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energy & utilities

Thomas for Manufacturing

Driven by rapid technological development, manufacturers are having to work smarter, operate more efficiently and be prepared to innovate. This pace of change demands that employees have high levels of emotional intelligence, can problem solve and react in real time to highly charged situations. Manufacturers also need to address an ageing workforce by attracting and retaining top young talent.

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Thomas for Professional Services

Professional services firms are in a constant state of evolution as they adapt to changing customer needs. Employee engagement is a particular challenge in this sector, so ensuring that young talent has a clear progression route is key to retaining that talent long term. In this sector where the ‘talent trumps location’ model applies more than most, it's essential that managers have the traits to lead and motivate their teams remotely.

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