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Measure what matters in recruitment

Get beyond the CV - see the whole person and accurately predict which candidate will be the best fit for your role and team with bias-beating data.

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Recruit the right person for the role, team and your business

Reduce bias and add science and certainty to your recruitment process with the Thomas platform.

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1. Define

Select the optimal aptitude, behavioural and personality traits for the role to quickly profile your ideal candidate.


2. Compare

Confidently identify the applicant that best fits the role and team at a glance with our intuitive star ratings.

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3. Onboard

Optimise onboarding with personalised onboarding guides, designed to help them settle in and become productive, fast.

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See beyond the CV

Studies show that aptitude, personality and behaviour are more predictive of professional performance than past experience. As skills quickly become outdated, these insights become more valuable.

Thomas helps companies overcome the negative impact of unconscious bias and leverage the benefits of workforce diversity. See in seconds how closely candidates match your role profile, how they will mesh with other team members, and how to quickly onboard them.

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Beat bias in recruitment

Thomas Perform supplies meaningful data insights on a candidate’s potential, personality traits and behavioural characteristics, so you can see the real person behind the CV in seconds. 

Overcome unconscious bias in your recruitment by informing recruitment decisions, interviews, candidate and onboarding experiences with science.

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Hit peak productivity faster

In our hybrid working world, onboarding is harder than ever, and the risk of employee churn is high. One-size-fits all onboarding doesn’t work.

Thomas provides personalised insights into how to manage, motivate and communicate with each new recruit, so that they can start performing straight away.

After introducing Thomas into our recruitment process, we immediately saw a better calibre of candidate at interview and our churn rate reduced by 50%.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are recruitment assessments?

Recruitment assessments are tools used in the hiring process to evaluate candidates' skills, abilities, and suitability for a specific job role. These assessments can include various tests, interviews, and exercises designed to assess candidates' knowledge, competencies, and potential. Employee engagement assessments are often incorporated into recruitment assessments to gauge candidates' level of engagement and alignment with the organisation's values and culture.

How can recruitment assessment tools help with hiring?

Recruitment assessment tools play a crucial role in the hiring process by providing objective and standardised methods to evaluate candidates. These tools enable employers to assess candidates' job-related skills, cognitive abilities, personality traits, and cultural fit. By using employee engagement assessments within the recruitment process, employers can also identify candidates who are likely to be engaged, motivated, and aligned with the organisation's goals. This helps in making informed hiring decisions and selecting candidates who have the potential to thrive in the role and contribute to the organisation's success.

What are the benefits of recruitment assessment tools?

Recruitment assessment tools offer several benefits for the hiring process. Firstly, they provide a standardised and consistent evaluation method, ensuring fairness and objectivity in candidate selection. Secondly, these tools help identify the most qualified candidates based on their skills, competencies, and fit with the organisation's culture. Additionally, employee engagement assessments within recruitment assessments allow employers to identify candidates who are likely to be engaged, committed, and motivated, leading to better long-term retention and performance. Overall, recruitment assessment tools enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the hiring process, resulting in better hiring decisions.

What are the different types of recruitment tests?

There are various types of recruitment tests used in the hiring process. These include cognitive ability tests, which assess candidates' problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making skills. Personality assessments evaluate candidates' traits, behaviour, and fit with the role and organisational culture. Skills tests measure candidates' specific job-related skills and competencies. Situational judgement tests assess candidates' ability to handle work-related scenarios and make appropriate decisions. Employee engagement assessments, as part of recruitment tests, help evaluate candidates' level of engagement, motivation, and alignment with the organisation's values and goals.

How can Thomas help with recruitment assessments?

Thomas offers a range of tools and assessments that can support organisations in our recruitment tests. With our comprehensive assessment solutions, employers can measure candidates' cognitive abilities, personality traits, skills, and employee engagement. Thomas assessments provide valuable insights into candidates' suitability for specific roles, their potential for development, and their alignment with the organisation's culture. These assessments assist employers in making informed hiring decisions, selecting candidates who are not only competent but also engaged and motivated to contribute to the organisation's success.