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Remote Recruitment

Recruiting with confidence to meet the changing needs of your business

Return and Rebuild

Create high performance teams of existing and new talent fit for the new economy

Remote Working

Ensure your people are connected, engaged & productive wherever they are

A better way to predict job performance

Behaviour & Aptitude

How does a candidate's behavioural style and approach to learning impact their success at work? Assessing Behaviour and Aptitude provides you with a powerful insight into two distinct but complementary aspects of a candidate.

Personality & Behaviour

How does an individual's personality drive the behaviours you observe every day? Exploring Behaviour and Personality provides you with a comprehensive overview of your candidates.

Aptitude & Personality

How does a candidate's learning speed and personality interact? Exploring Aptitude and Personality allows you to understand how a candidate's personality influences their approach to learning and problem-solving.

Our talent assessment platform provides the insights you need to recruit, engage and develop your teams with confidence, wherever they’re located.
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What we do

Founded in 1981, Thomas International is a leading talent assessment platform. We empower you to recruit, retain and develop the right people for your business.

Why Thomas?

  • Assessment solutions for across the employee lifecycle
  • Rigorously validated science enabling more informed people decisions
  • An easy to use talent assessment platform delivering a wealth of people insights
  • A seamless experience no matter where you are in the world
  • A global network of accredited partners ready to help you
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If you’re committed to getting the most out of your business and serious about your people, you need to understand the people that work for you. The best way of doing that is through using profiling tools that a company like Thomas provides.

- Gary Baker, Managing Director

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Improving Harvey Nash's recruitment processes

Watch how Harvey Nash assesses adverse impact in their recruitment processes using Thomas International's Personal Profile Analysis (PPA).

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