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Team Interaction Optimization (TIO)

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Our mission to craft the perfect workplace


What the future looks like to us

We want people science to be accessible, beneficial and empowering for everyone. By giving each team member actionable insights about themselves and each other, we’re building a world where we can all become a better colleague, teammate or leader.

This is what TIO is to us: Team Interaction Optimization. It’s how we see the future.

TIO shows a new way

TIO shows a whole new way of working

We want to give everyone the benefit of people science. Using people science in every-day work, everyone will gain greater insights about themselves and their teammates. Teams will be more supported, productive and generally be happier.

TIO explained

TIO uses proven people science-based insights into personalities, behavioral profiles, aptitudes and communication styles to inform and enhance every interaction in your working day.

TIO explained
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TIO is your new work superpower

For individuals

For individuals

Reach your maximum potential and feel connected to the business you work in.

For team leaders

For team leaders

Optimize how you assemble, interact with and equip your teams to create positive group dynamics, great conversations and better outcomes.

For business leaders

For business leaders

Build an aspirational talent culture that your people are proud of, while also increasing business performance.

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60% of people are emotionally detached at work.

What if we could instead help everyone achieve their full potential, in a way that’s never been possible before?

Read on to understand how you can enjoy the the game-changing, life-enhancing, work superpower that is TIO.