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Teams Functionality

Master teamwork with our insights

Transform your team with real insights on their combined strengths, ways of working and how to get the best out of them.

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Create the dream team

Create the dream team

Assemble your team in Perform One and we’ll provide insights on the strengths, weaknesses and how to harness them.

You can easily see the behavior style of each person, allowing everyone to better understand the team they’re working in.

Compare your colleagues

Add insights to your project team 

By using Perform One before a project, you can easily see where the team will thrive and what gaps you need to look out for.

Sharing this with your team will allow everyone to feel respected, trusted and responsible throughout the project and you’ll see your project run smoothly.

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Compare your colleagues

Seeing the insights in a team setting will show you how different people like to work.

You’ll find tips from our psychologists on how to best collaborate and have the insights to be more empathetic towards other people's ways of working.

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Read about how our Teams Functionality helped Esme, our Director of Demand Generation, engage her team:

We were about to start a big project, and I knew we had very little time to turn everything around.

Using Perform One clearly showed me the strengths of each individual in my team, and the gaps we needed to keep an eye out for.

This meant going into the project, there was a greater sense of unity and trust, leading to a sense of calm across the team. Without this insight, it could have been incredibly stressful. 

Run a team session

Run a team session

By analysing the work behaviors and preferences of your team, we’ll suggest coaching questions tailored to your team objectives, written by our psychologists.

Start your session with a clear objective, and we’ll help you get there.