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Professional Services

Tap into our team of experts for bespoke support

Competency mapping, trend analysis, project management and personal feedback... let us show you how far people science can take you.

Bias-beating data

Trend analysis

Take a step back and look at the trends of your team's Thomas results. We can help you see which departments need further support, how they like to operate and any how each team communicates best.

Tailor your people strategy to compliment this and you’re on to a winner.

We tackle diversity head on

Competency mapping

We can link your team's assessment outcomes to your competency bank. Or, if you don’t have one, we’ll help you build one.

This will help you determine the right fit for new hires and senior leaders and is unique to your business.

Upskill yourself

Project management

Looking to improve your recruitment drive, development initiatives or selection process?

Put people science at the heart of it by having one of our experts lead your project.

Become accredited

Personal feedback

We’ll use our psychology insights to give in-depth feedback to your leaders and team members.

You’ll understand how to apply and get the most value out of your feedback and grow in the workplace.


Assessment enablement

Make the most out of your assessments by unpicking the results with our experts.

We’ll deep dive into your feedback and understand how you can use our people science in the workplace.

Commitment to D&I


Our team of specialists are ready to soundboard any solutions you're thinking of, based on assessment feedback.

We love talking to clients about getting the most out of our assessments, so give us a ring and let’s have a chat.

Join us in helping businesses globally better understand their people...