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See how Thomas psychometric assessment and aptitude tests enable you to identify the right candidates and help your people develop their potential.

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The Behaviour assessment (PPA) provides a rapid and deep insights into a person's behavioural preferences and communication style.

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Workplace Personality

The Personality assessment (HPTI) is grounded in the 'Big 5' model, assessing traits that predict job success and risk for derailment.

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The Aptitude assessment (GIA) measures an individual's aptitude in 5 key areas; Reasoning, Perceptual Speed, Number Speed & Accuracy, Word Meaning and Spatial Visualisation.

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Emotional Intelligence

The Emotional Intelligence assessment (TEIQue) measures 15 emotional traits concerning Well-Being, Self-Control, Emotionality and Sociability.

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360 Degree Feedback

The Thomas 360 quickly and easily enables people to gather performance feedback from their managers, colleagues, team members and customers and then compare this feedback with their own perception of their performance.

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Establish the levels of engagement within your organisation and identify actions to enhance employee wellbeing, motivation and productivity.

Behaviour Validity

The science behind our assessments

Registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS), which follows the guidelines of the European Federation of Psychologists Associations (EFPA), Thomas assessments meet stringent requirements for validity, accuracy and fairness unmatched by most market alternatives.

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