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See how Thomas aptitude assessments and psychometric tests for hiring enable you to identify the right candidates and help your people develop their potential.

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The Behavior assessment (PPA) provides a rapid and deep insights into a person's behavioral preferences and communication style.

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Workplace Personality

The Personality assessment (HPTI) is grounded in the 'Big 5' model, assessing traits that predict job success and risk for derailment.

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The Aptitude assessment (GIA) measures an individual's aptitude in 5 key areas; Reasoning, Perceptual Speed, Number Speed & Accuracy, Word Meaning and Spatial Visualization.

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Emotional Intelligence

The Emotional Intelligence assessment (TEIQue) measures 15 emotional traits concerning Well-Being, Self-Control, Emotionality and Sociability.

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360 Degree Feedback

The Thomas 360 quickly and easily enables people to gather performance feedback from their managers, colleagues, team members and customers and then compare this feedback with their own perception of their performance.

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By leveraging an employee psychometric test, levels of engagement can be established within your organization. Easily identify actions to enhance employee wellbeing, motivation and productivity.

Behaviour Validity

The science behind our assessments

Registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS), which follows the guidelines of the European Federation of Psychologists Associations (EFPA), Thomas assessments meet stringent requirements for validity, accuracy and fairness unmatched by most market alternatives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are psychometric assessments?

Psychometric testing assessments are tools used to evaluate various psychological traits, abilities, and characteristics. These assessments utilize standardized tests and questionnaires to gather data on factors such as personality, emotional intelligence, behavior, aptitude, and skills. These tests help identify the right candidates in the recruitment process and assist in developing workplace dynamics, like collaboration and team building.

How do psychometric tests work?

Psychometric assessment tests present individuals with a series of standardized questions or tasks designed to measure specific psychological traits or abilities. All our assessments are backed by science and carefully constructed to ensure reliability and validity. The responses provided by individuals are then analyzed and compared against established norms or benchmarks, allowing for a quantitative assessment of their psychological attributes. Psychometric tools provide objective information for decision-making processes in the workplace and recruitment.

What are the benefits of psychometric assessment tools?

Psychometric testing provides an objective and standardized way to assess individuals, removing biases and subjective judgments. By evaluating aptitudes, skills, and personality traits, psychometric assessments help identify the right candidates for specific roles, enhancing hiring accuracy and improving team dynamics. These assessments can also be beneficial for career development, as they highlight areas of strength and potential improvement.

What are the different types of psychometric assessments?

Various psychometric tools are available for different purposes. Some common types include behavioral assessments, personality assessments, aptitude tests, and emotional intelligence tests. See what insights can be gained from each type of test.

Can candidates fail a psychometric test?

Psychometric testing assessments aren’t about passing or failing—they are designed to identify strengths and areas for improvement. The outcome of a psychometric test can be excellent feedback for personal growth and better alignment with future roles. In a workplace environment, every result is valuable in better understanding personal and team dynamics. 

How to interpret psychometric assessment results?

Although the assessments are standardized, interpretation of the results can be subjective, often influenced by the biases of those analyzing the results. To fully understand the depths and implications of the results, seek professional guidance, such as that offered by Thomas International. We recommend that these results be used to inform hiring decisions, development plans, and team-building strategies rather than as standalone judgments.

Which psychometric assessment test is right for my team?

Before selecting a test, assess your team and organization's specific needs and goals. Thomas International offers consultations to align testing with the outcomes you are hoping to achieve. Each test assesses a different facet of an individual and common types include behavioral assessments, personality assessments, aptitude tests, and emotional intelligence tests. 

How do I integrate psychometric assessments into my existing HR processes?

By selecting the appropriate type of assessment based on the specific skills and capabilities required for the role, employers gain valuable insights into candidates' potential for success in the role. These assessments help you make informed hiring decisions, identify training needs, and build high-performing teams tailored to their organizational objectives.

When integrating assessments into the HR process, make it as simple as possible to improve the candidate’s experience and always be clear about the purpose and benefits of the assessments. Technology has advanced, making the assessment process accessible and efficient for your organization and the candidate. Be wary of unnecessarily testing every candidate for everything. Align assessment tools with the specific role requirements, and you’ll find a seamless fit. Contact a member of our team for a consultation.

What makes Thomas International's psychometric assessments unique?

Registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS), which follows the guidelines of the European Federation of Psychologists Associations (EFPA), Thomas's assessments meet stringent requirements for validity, accuracy, and fairness unmatched by most market alternatives. Our assessments are easy to administer, and our in-depth reporting will help you gain insight into understanding and managing the individuals who make up your workforce.

How can Thomas help with psychometric testing?

We are a renowned psychometric test provider offering a range of psychometric assessments and tools. These assessments provide detailed insights into individuals' abilities, trainability, and potential for success in specific roles. Our expertise in psychometric testing allows businesses to make informed decisions in recruitment, career development, team building, and other HR aspects. For reliable and valid results, contact a member of our team for a consultation.