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Managing Remote Workers

Managing your team in a hybrid world

Remote working can be great for both businesses and individuals, but maintaining levels of engagement and productivity when working remotely can be a struggle. What worked in the office may not work in a hybrid environment.

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Communicate to engage. It’s that simple

Managers that were star players in a physical environment may struggle to find their feet when managing remote workers.

Thomas can give your managers insight into how their people prefer to be communicated with, how they prefer to communicate, and how to motivate and manage them.

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Remote working can be tough for some

Missing out on face-to-face socialising in the office can have a major impact on some individuals, resulting in them becoming disengaged and withdrawing into themselves.

We help you to understand how your people will cope in a remote or hybrid environment, and how best to support them. This can make or break a happy, engaged team member.

We’ve found that the Thomas Behaviour assessment has been invaluable in enabling us to develop deeper one-to-one relationships with all of our staff, especially when working remotely. In particular, it’s given me deep insight into the communication and behavioural preferences of the team so that I can talk to, manage and motivate them as individuals, the way they prefer.

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Handle conflict in remote environments

In a hybrid environment conflict can be hard to detect but escalates quickly, souring relationships across the team and damaging productivity overall.

Fostering a culture of communication, openness, honesty, and mutual trust can help to reduce conflict and enable faster resolutions when it does occur. Build this culture by giving team members self-awareness of their own behavioural and personality traits, as well as how these can impact their behaviour.

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