Build Better Job Profiles with our Job Profiling Tool |

Build Better Job Profiles with our Job Profiling Tool

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Job Profiling

Get the full picture before you hire

When you create a job description, the technical skills and qualifications are only half the picture. The other half, arguably more important and overlooked, is thinking about the person and the team they'll work with.

The Thomas talent assessment platform allows you to see beyond the CV, identify the aptitude as well as personality and behavioural traits that would best suit the role, and incorporate them seamlessly into your job profiling.

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People learn and adapt at different rates

Some people can pick things up quicker than others. With our job profiling tool, you can identify who's best-suited to fast-paced roles with a wide variety of tasks, and who's more comfortable working at a steady pace.

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Creative genius, data scientist or inspirational leader?

Everyone possesses different characteristics and so they'll naturally suit different roles. The Thomas job profile builder allows you to pre-select the preferred characteristics to ensure you match your candidates to their ideal role.

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Now you're ready to get hiring

Once you've built your comprehensive job profile, you can use it to compare candidate assessment results. This solid foundation will give you the peace of mind you need to start recruiting the right people for the right roles.

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