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Science Advisory and Innovation Board (SAIB)

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Our Science Advisory and Innovation Board (SAIB)

Our SAIB is a powerhouse of expertise driving innovation in science, technology, and talent management to create thriving workplaces. 


What is the SAIB?

Introducing our brand-new Science Advisory and Innovation Board! Comprised of 11 handpicked experts in psychology, data science, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, psychometrics, neuroscience, employment law and the future of work, they're here to lead the charge in solving talent management challenges. 

Their mission? To offer insights into the latest breakthroughs, shaping product innovations and leading the way in scientific progress. It's all part of our mission to serve you better in the ever-evolving workplace.

If you’d like to learn more about the SAIB, then please get in touch via our contact us form, or reach out to us at: [email protected]

SAIB Focus

Harnessing expertise

Harnessing expertise

Driving innovation

Driving innovation

Shaping the future

Shaping the future

Meet the team!

John Cooper

SAIB Chair at Thomas

Sharon Munyaka

Work Psychologist

Adrian Furnham

Professor of Psychology

Jean Martin

Senior Partner, Global Head of Product, Global Business Solutions & Career at Mercer

Stephen Woods

Professor of Work and Organisational Psychology

Beth Weesner

Principal at Weesner Advisory Services, Inc.

Michael Prolux

Research Scientist and Reader in Psychology

Jodie Hill

Managing Partner & Employment/ HR Solicitor at Thrive Law 

John Weiner

Principal at J W Advisers

Natasha Chetiyawardana

Co-founder and Creative Partner at Bow & Arrow

Dan Honeywell

Founder of J Curve Strategies