Transform workplace interactions with our ethical AI |

Transform workplace interactions with our ethical AI

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Transform workplace interactions with our ethical AI

It's ethical, it's human based and it's ready to make work a great place to be.


When you complete our assessments, you get data and insights about your behavior. But we get it, you don’t always have time to read it all to try and work out how to best put it into practice.

So, ask our AI and receive instant, accurate advice. It’s your new workplace navigator, ready to make work a great place to be.   

Your own navigator.

Your own navigator

When you use Thomas, you’re getting personalized insights on how you behave at work. You can share these with your colleagues and managers, but imagine what you could do with it if you had an expert to answer the questions to help you really understand your colleagues?

This is our version of AI. It’s your personal workplace navigator, ready to give you the advice you need, when you need it. Do you need to know the best way to work as a team? Or how to approach a conversation with your manager?

Just ask, you’ll have the answer instantly.

Our ethical AI

Our ethical AI

Our AI needs your consent to look through your profile, and all the content you receive has been written and validated by our team of Psychologists and Data Scientists. At the heart of it, we're always putting people first. That's why we're committed to making sure our AI sticks to our code of ethics, and the principles of responsible AI.

You can trust us, it's the robust science we've been perfecting for 40 years with a digital, helping hand.

How it all works

How it all works

Ask a question and our AI will scan through each profile to find the answer. This means it’s only looking through the positive, safe content written by psychologists and is based on our scientifically validated assessments.

It’s the quickest way to learn about yourself and your colleagues accurately, safely and with the confidence that everything is backed by our world-class science.

The future of people science

Listen to our CEO Luke speak about how we believe our people science is the key to unlock productivity, engagement and a sense of belonging in the workplace.