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The Kenton Group uses Thomas to assist with change management.

The Kenton Group at a glance

The Kenton Group provides a wide range of innovative networking and connectivity solutions for carriers, operators, service providers, enterprises, utilities and governments worldwide. The portfolio extends from simple connectivity products through to complex optical and fibre technologies and Managed Service Delivery Solutions for the Telecoms market, with clients including Virgin and TalkTalk.
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The Challenge

Having been acquired by another company, The Kenton Group were experiencing a period of rapid growth, both structurally and financially. Whilst the company benefited from this, it became apparent that certain parts of the workforce were not operating at maximum efficiency. 

Vicki Meacham, Chief Financial Officer at The Kenton Group explains, "due to the significant changes in the business, visibility and control of what was happening 'on the floor' disappeared. There has also been a substantial restructure of the management team with the purpose of increasing awareness and decision-making across all parts of the business which unfortunately wasn't working. In terms of recruitment during this time, it was a mixture of new recruits and bringing in people we had worked with in the past, at all levels."


The Solution

The Kenton Group tried piloting a basic engagement survey to gain an insight into their staff, however the survey did not provide the depth of insights needed to create effective action plans. Shortly after this, the organisation was introduced to Thomas International. After learning about the reliability of Thomas assessments, the management team decided to run a comprehensive "health check" on the workforce by using Thomas Engage Survey, which provided them with a 3D map of employee engagement levels within the organisation.

The next stage was for every member of staff to complete a Personal Profile Analysis (PPA), which would offer an accurate insight into an individual's workplace behaviours, motivators, strengths and areas for development and communication preferences.


Vicki explains, "Once everyone had completed the Engage survey, the results were presented back to management, revealing strong development points for us as a team. It showed a lack of clarity and direction, and little reward or recognition, highlighting that our management style was of a laissez-faire approach, which does not suit the company culture. Once the report was shared across the business, it helped remove any scepticism and ensured all employees had a full understanding of the positive actions we were taking in order to improve our current culture".


The Result

The Kenton Group are improving communication and driving the workforce forwards using a clear vision.

Following the implementation of Thomas assessments, The Kenton Group have already started to identify people who need support to get them to where they need to be. "When talking with different employees, the insights that Thomas assessments provide help us to better understand them on an individual level and enter the conversation more informed".

A decision was made to develop the leadership style within the business to a more participative management style, which would also build trust within the workforce.

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