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Large logistics firm

Case Study

Large logistics firm optimises the recruitment process across its global operations with Thomas Perform


The Challenge

A multinational logistics corporation with almost fifty thousand employees needed to optimise its recruitment process across its global operations. This was a considerable challenge but one that the company’s Talent Acquisition Manager saw as an opportunity to drive value for the business. Familiar with the power of psychometric insights to improve outcomes throughout the employee lifecycle, he and his team sought a more accessible solution that was both cost-effective and highly accurate.

The company’s Talent Acquisition Manager explains, “The platform we used previously we found to be quite complex. The user interface wasn't great, and you needed a significant amount of training to understand how to use the platform and derive value from the reports. Coupled with that were the commercial and support aspects. We recognised that it was time for something different, which was why we went out to the market, explored various solutions, and eventually selected Thomas.”

“I had worked with Thomas in a previous role, as had another member of my team. The platform has undergone a great deal of positive evolution since then, but Thomas had always been in the back of my mind as a provider that I liked. As a team, we were entirely open as to what our next steps were going to be, but Thomas was first on my list when we came to look at different options.”


The Solution

The logistics corporation uses the insights supplied by Thomas Perform in recruitment and onboarding, with plans to embed the tool in their development processes. Their Talent Acquisition Manager elaborates, “Mainly, we use Thomas as part of our recruiting process for senior, functional and graduate roles. However, we are looking to map out this process across the business as far as possible. We tend to use the platform between first and second interview stage when hiring for senior and functional roles. We provide the assessments as a service to our managers as a value add between the first and second stage.”

“We use the report to give us insight and jumping off points for the second stage interview, areas of focus such as where we think someone might have strengths, and we can also dig into potential areas for development.” Thomas Perform supplies interview questions tailored to the profile of the candidate and role requirements. This is a value-add for Talent Acquisition, as their team leader comments; “The feedback that I get around the interview questions is always great. Our managers really like to have that insight.”

The Talent Acquisition team also use the assessments in development. Their team lead explains, “Equally, we use the platform within our own talent acquisition function. When we first had access, we had every member of the talent acquisition team take an assessment. It's been really useful to gain further insight into their strengths, communication styles, aptitude and behavioural traits. Additionally, we’ve used the management and onboarding and the motivation product functionalities, which again, it's something that we've never really had before.” Perform also offers tailored reports on ‘How to Onboard’ and ‘How to Manage’ individuals, helping to maximise their professional performance.


The Results

“From the moment we engaged with Thomas, it felt right for us”, says the company’s Talent Acquisition Manager. “We're really happy with the service. The process was very transparent, and we felt listened to. It genuinely feels like a partnership.” What’s more, he reflects, Thomas Perform “is very flexible. We’re a corporate, complex business, and it’s a solution that works for us, but my understanding is that it could be flexed up and down, depending on the type of business that that you are. The solution itself is easy cost effective, which everyone likes, and it adds genuine value to the business.”

“At the minute, Thomas Perform is mainly adding value as part of our recruitment process. In a business such as ours with a large operational headcount, to have data to say ‘this person is the right fit for this role’ is incredibly valuable. Going forward, we're keen to offer Perform as an internal-facing option for some of our stakeholders, for instance working in conjunction with Learning and Development around things like talent mapping and succession planning. That's what we're aiming for.”

But Perform isn’t just enhancing the recruitment process for the company. For the Talent Acquisition team, it’s increasing transparency and saving time. Their Talent Acquisition Manager says, “It's also been useful to have the opportunity to sit down with each individual team member and and gain their insight into their own reports. The fact that everyone in the team can have access to manage their own projects and add candidates, rather than relying on one admin has been a real benefit for me and for my diary. It helps develop the team. I can give them more autonomy and opportunity to gain value from the psychometric reports, whereas before we had to keep that information within the management team. We really like the fact that the candidate gets the option to have the access to their own report as well. This adds an element of transparency in our recruitment process that we that we didn't have previously.”

For the logistics firm, the real value of Thomas Perform is in its simplicity. Their Talent Acquisition Manager says, “The platform is incredibly easy to use, which is one of the most important considerations for us. The user interface is intuitive, clean and accessible. I think that's reflected in the reports as well. They're visual yet detailed, and easy to digest without needing to be a psychologist. That's really set Perform apart from previous solutions. Ultimately, I'd recommend it.”

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