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Salmon Ltd utilised Thomas Assessments as part of their resolution process for workplace conflict

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Behaviour (PPA)
Emotional Intelligence (TEIQue)

The Challenge

As in our personal lives, conflict in the workplace is not uncommon, yet many organisations are at a loss on how they can effectively and efficiently manage it. Due to a lot of changes within the business, two team members were struggling under the pressure and the ways that they wanted to handle it were different. The Head of Learning and Development stepped in and knew her two colleagues needed external support.

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The Solution

The Head of L&D wanted to see how introducing psychometrics to provide self-awareness could help to facilitate in resolving this conflict. Through improving self-awareness, she believed that they could help put things into perspective for each individual and help each of them understand how the other would like to do things professionally.

The assessments used were the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA), which provides an insight into people's preferred workplace behaviours, and Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue), which assesses how well people understand and manage their emotions and those of others. 

Commenting on the two assessments, the Head of L&D said, "The PPA is my favourite tool. It is digestible, user friendly and a great conversation. I knew the TEIQue would also be important because there was so much emotion and stress between the two, but they clearly couldn't manage this - the TEIQue really helps enable a conversation around this."

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The Results

By simply introducing psychometrics to provide self-awareness and awareness of others, both individuals have been able to move forward and become a high performing team again, not letting the conflict get the better of them resulting in neither leaving the organisation.

"We have such different profiles and preferred ways of doing things, and by not knowing this before we can now definitely see why there was conflict. But by having this in-depth knowledge given by the assessments helped us to move forward. We're a lot closer and can handle any challenges much better."

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