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TeleSign used Thomas’ Behaviour assessment and Team Audit to unite its growing international Sales team

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Founded in 2005, Telesign is a SaaS company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Supporting digital identity protection, verification and digital messaging, the firm opened an office in Belgrade for its mobile services division in 2013. 

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TeleSign challenge

The Challenge

TeleSign needed a solution that would unite their growing international team and enable them to deliver their Sales targets. Their team in Serbia had grown 2.5 times in recent years, and their new strategy and goals differed from those at the global level. The business therefore needed a way to build cohesion in this new team and gain insight into its dynamics in order to optimise performance.

TeleSign’ Sales function is comprised of three teams; the Sales Development team of seventeen members, Market team with ten members, and the externally-focused BICS research team, which was fifteen strong at the time of writing. Having already defined the skills and competencies needed within each team, TeleSign was also looking to improve individuals’ self-awareness and optimise behavioural dynamics within and between teams. Finally, the  business sought to identify future team leaders and create a succession plan.

TeleSign solution

The Solution

TeleSign became a Thomas customer just prior to the pandemic arriving in Serbia, which gave them a strong starting point for setting company policy for the lockdown period and communicating effectively despite remote working. The business integrated Thomas’ Personality assessment and a Team Audit into its annual Sales event, helping to improve teams’ self-awareness and cohesion, and identify development opportunities.

During the lockdown period, the Sales team introduced weekly informal problem-solving meetings, during which they were able to communicate with an awareness of their ‘DISC’ (workplace personality) profiles. The training from Thomas helped them to adjust their approach to communicating with people with different behaviour styles to improve team cooperation and efficiency

TeleSign result

The Result

The insights into individuals’ personality provided by the Thomas assessment highlighted that five team members weren’t using their full potential in their current team. This led TeleSign to relocate these individuals in teams that were a better fit for their profiles, improving retention, engagement and productivity across TeleSign’s teams. 

Only six of the 43 team members left the company during the pandemic. The assessment also helped to retain a senior team member who had reached a developmental plateau by identifying other options for career development within the company that aligned with the individual’s capabilities.

Career development pathways have now been defined across all three teams, and TeleSign reports increased employee motivation, especially among more junior employees. TeleSign’s management team have also noticed a significant improvement in the cooperation between Sales and Market teams, leading  to greater company performance overall

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