Better Candidate Selection with our Candidate Assessment Platform |

Better Candidate Selection with our Candidate Assessment Platform

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Candidate Selection

Find the needle in the haystack

It's difficult to select the right applicant from a pool of many, especially when they all have similar skills and experience.

CVs and LinkedIn profiles only tell half the story, and gut feel can be biased, so how do you see beyond those carefully curated personas to the real person and their potential? 

With our candidate selection tool, you can do just that.

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First things first...

For maximum value we recommend candidates take all three assessments to better match their traits and aptitudes with those you selected when creating the profile of your ideal candidate.

The Thomas Behaviour and Personality assessments take less than 10 minutes each to complete, with the Aptitude assessment taking a further 30 minutes.

These three assessments give more insight into your candidates than a CV will ever reveal.

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A few clicks and you're nearly there

Once they've completed their assessments, you can quickly add candidates to the job profile you've already created, and you're ready to start reviewing candidates side-by-side.

Because we have so many people applying for our positions, we use the Aptitude assessment to funnel these down in an effective and candidate friendly way.

Iain Kendrick
People Director
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Now you can find the needle in the haystack

Our unbiased star ratings allow you to quickly and easily identify those most aligned with your job profile - and find your ideal hire.

Discover your new work superpower