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Thomas’ Dr Luke Treglown Discusses our Data Analytics Journey at Big Data London

Dashboards are dead

High demand for analytics in organisations requires self-service data insights to enable operational efficiency.

ThoughtSpot is a disruptive technology in the business intelligence space. They are on a mission to create a more fact-driven world by making analytics self-service for users without software development skills.

ThoughtSpot provides a natural language search engine that allows non-technical experts to easily surface data insights. AI-driven insights provide users with explanations about changes, anomalies and trends in data, visualising these in charts and reports to help non-technical users to get more value from data.

Developing data science at Thomas

In this video, Thomas’ Senior Manager of Data Science Luke Treglown speaks at BigData London about how Thomas is leveraging ThoughtSpot technology to supply Thomas users with intelligence gathered across more than 23 million assessments worldwide. 
Luke discusses the growing importance of data science for Thomas International, widening from pure data insights and machine learning to encompass data engineering and business intelligence.

He talks about how Thomas upgraded data capability by updating our tech stack to make data more accessible, generate dynamic dashboards and scale data science capability as the business grows.

The Thomas team embraced new technology from ThoughtSpot to enhance the company’s ‘data mesh’, empowering business users by providing them with instant access to business insights.

Thomas’ Data Science department are developing additional solutions to better enable users to access the metrics that matter to them and derive greater value and efficiencies from business data.

By enhancing our data capability, Thomas has been able to focus product development and embed this capability within our platform to deliver enhanced insights and value for Thomas customers. 

Glossary of technical terms used in this talk:

  • Sequel – a coding language used in data analytics
  • BI – business intelligence 
  • Data mesh – decentralised data architecture