Thomas Perform: The future of assessments at Thomas |

Here at Thomas, we’re very excited to announce that after just over 12 months of development, our new talent assessment platform is now available!

Consisting of two applications, Thomas Perform and Thomas Profile, the platform has been built with the core aim of helping our customers unleash the true potential of their people, and with three primary philosophies underpinning it: 

  1. To ensure that it is easy to use  
  2. That it is based on strong, proven science that customers can trust  
  3. That it provides real insight that can be used immediately  

Thomas Perform enables organisations of any size and type to use a broad range of behavioural, personality and aptitude assessments to unlock the potential in their people. It helps organisations to see beyond just skills and experience, so they can make smarter recruitment, retention, and development decisions.  

Thomas Profile allows any individual, anywhere in the world, to create their Thomas Profile via free access to our suite of assessments. This means they can share their results with recruiters, as well as gain valuable self-awareness through instant insight into their own behavioural characteristics and personality traits once their assessment is completed. 

Why a new platform? 

Thomas are a leading provider of psychometric (also known as psychological) assessments, and we’ve been helping clients around the world to make smarter recruitment and development decisions for almost 40 years.

Determined to deliver the insights our assessments provide in a simple and easy to use way that meets the needs of businesses today and in the future, just over a year ago we embarked on a digital transformation journey that culminates in the launch of this, our new talent assessment platform.  

The future of assessments 

We’ve used our decades of experience and regularly validated, strong science to build an intuitive talent assessment platform that is cloud-based and mobile optimised to ensure that anyone can unlock the potential of their people, regardless of their experience with assessments.

Our initial launch in 2020 will make it easier for companies to see beyond the skills and experience that CVs and LinkedIn profiles show, enabling them to recruit, promote and develop their staff based on the individuals’ potential and capabilities. 

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Thomas Perform for recruitment

The initial launch offers a deep recruitment journey using the Thomas Behaviour assessment to compare candidates to job profiles created based on the behavioural traits that are most suited to the role, giving customers essential insight into their people.

This insight enables recruiters and managers to make a hiring decision based on data as well as the candidate CVs, helping reduce unconscious bias from the recruitment process.

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This is further supported by bespoke interview guides that are tailored to each candidate based on their assessment results.

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It doesn’t end there though. Once you’ve selected your new starter, Thomas Perform gives dynamically presented, personalised content for onboarding, management and motivation so that you can accelerate your newest team members onboarding success and continue to monitor their ongoing development with your organisation.

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And it’s not just about recruitment – Thomas Perform is invaluable to managers, both newly promoted and those with more experience, by helping them to better understand the individuals in their teams. The insight the platform provides ensures your staff are managed and communicated with as they prefer, helping to keep them engaged and productive.

In the case of internal recruitment, promotions or even reorganisations, Thomas Perform can help you make sure that you’re channeling your staff into the roles best suited to their aptitude, behavioural and personality traits. 

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As we progress through 2020 and into 2021, our product and engineering teams will be working alongside our skilled psychologists to expand the content available as well as adding our Aptitude and Personality assessments into the platform.

Start using the Thomas Platform

We’re looking forward to sharing our new platform with lots of new clients and are also looking to transition our existing customers to it in 2021 as and when it’s the right move for each individual client.

If you’d like to learn more about the platform to find out how it could help you unleash the power of your people, please get in touch.