Thomas Expands Talent Assessment Platform across APAC and Europe |

Leading provider announces international availability of Thomas Perform to help businesses recruit, develop and retain the best people.

Thomas International (“Thomas”), the global talent assessment platform provider, has announced the expansion of its Thomas Perform solution into Europe and the Asia Pacific region, with more regions expected in the coming months. The platform is designed to help businesses find, manage and retain the best people for their organisation.

The Thomas platform combines people science insights with easy-to-action content and an intuitive user experience. It is built on three core principles: simplicity of use, trustworthiness of its science, and depth of insights into people. The platform's highly validated insights helped companies enhance the engagement and performance levels of their teams during the pandemic. It continues to prove its value in identifying best-fit candidates for roles, as well as realising the potential of existing employees to move into new positions.

The platform equips individuals within organisations with deep insight into the own behaviour, personality, and aptitudes. These insights are proven to be more predictive of professional success than hard skills and experience alone, helping organizations transform performance, overcome bias, and make smarter recruitment, retention, and development decisions.

With insights into individuals’ emotional resilience, approach to conflict, and likely approach to ambiguity, the Thomas platform enables companies to better manage uncertainty as well as looking after their people’s wellbeing more effectively. It offers insights into individuals’ management style, communication style, and leadership potential to help companies identify their next generation of managers, leaders, and high performers.

When recruiting, a simple 5-star rating allows hiring managers to understand the alignment between a candidate's behaviour, personality, and aptitude profile and the requirements of the role. ‘How to Onboard’ content helps get new recruits to peak productivity faster. Thomas also offers ‘How to Manage’ and ‘How to Motivate’ insights to help line managers communicate more effectively and tap into people's inherent motivation to improve results.

Thanks to these innovations, the Thomas platform was awarded Best Comprehensive Talent Acquisition Solution in the 2022 HR Tech Awards, and Thomas were recognised as the Recruitment Industry Supplier of the Year at the 2022 Recruiter Awards.

"We are delighted to be able to now offer the Thomas talent assessment platform to clients across Europe and the Asia Pacific region, with availability in more countries coming soon. We’re proud of how Thomas Perform has helped our customers in the UK improve hiring outcomes, reduce bias in selection, and increase employee engagement, whilst also supporting their peoples’ wellbeing over recent challenging years. We’re excited to now make it available to more countries around the world." said Gareth Jones, Chief Product Officer at Thomas.


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