Thomas International launches global Ambassador Program for HR leaders

21 May 2021
2 minute

HR leaders unite to call for greater use of psychometrics & people science in hiring and development decisions through new advocacy program

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A new initiative launched today by Thomas International, the global talent assessment platform provider, sees HR and recruitment leaders unite to advocate for the use of psychometrics in HR, hiring and development practices. 

The community of senior HR and recruitment leaders has been founded as new research published by Thomas International reveals recruitment is broken - with over half (57%) of new hires in the UK not working out in some capacity, and a quarter (25%) not working out at all. 

Bringing together senior leaders from across the UK’s HR, talent acquisition and recruitment space, the community will proactively share best practice on the use of psychometric assessments across the industry. The online community is open to all, free to join and seeks to encourage robust conversations around the use of psychometric assessments in enhancing people decisions. 

The insight gained from psychometric data can be harnessed to improve people decisions and drive business performance. As well as help champion the cause of the HR leader as having a place at the top table in business. 

With the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) confirming employers are struggling to hire staff as lockdown lifts amid an exodus of overseas workers caused by Brexit and the pandemic, it’s clear HR leaders and recruiters cannot afford to continue using the same ineffective methods when it comes to hiring. 

Members will have access to a wealth of insight in the form of blogs, whitepapers, case studies and webinars they can share with their network to educate and encourage discussions. Proactive members will also benefit from exclusive early access to Thomas’ system developments, giving them a say in the future of psychometric assessments and the fast-developing technology supporting their application at work. 

Through sharing content across their networks and promoting the benefits of applying such techniques, Ambassadors can also be rewarded for driving new users on to the Thomas talent assessment platform (for more information see here).

Sabby Gill, CEO of Thomas said, “HR leaders and recruiters are on the coal-face of today’s recruitment challenges. They know better than anyone that existing recruitment methods - CVs and interviews - aren’t fit-for-purpose and need to evolve rapidly. By bringing HR and recruitment experts together as part of this global community, we hope to provide a catalyst for real change across the industry. Where businesses start to look beyond the CV to the person and their true potential during the hiring process.” 

About Thomas

Founded in 1981, Thomas International transforms the performance of organisations around the world through smarter people decisions, looking beyond just skills and experience to identify the true potential and capability of people. Its talent assessment platform combines technology, psychology and data to make the complex nature of human behaviour, aptitude and personality easier for everyone to understand. Today, Thomas helps over 11,000 companies across 140 countries unleash the power of their people.  

For more information contact Thomas on [email protected]


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