Top 6 traits to make a great leader 

A top priority for businesses today must be to look beyond the traditional strategies for leadership recruitment and development. In our new whitepaper, ‘Top 6 Traits to make a Great Leader’, we present the six key traits of high performing business leaders in the modern workplace.

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What does the whitepaper cover?

  • What the 6 key traits are to look for in both potential and current leaders. 

  • The different type of leadership, challenging the 'one size fits all' stereotype

  • How to future proof your organisation through developing your skilled workforce

With a workforce now spanning up to five generations, it is critical that companies quickly recognise that one style of leadership does not fit all. Baby boomers may be seeking leadership opportunities, financial security and steady employment, whereas Millennials are shaped by globalisation and present a need for diversity, flexibility and a sense of purpose.  

So how do you keep employees happy and engaged across the generations? How do you develop and recruit for the right leadership?

"The greatest leaders are the ones that take a little bit more of the difficult stuff on their own shoulders than perhaps they should and a little bit less of the kudos than perhaps they should" - Dave Woodward, former Chief Executive of E.J. Heinz, North America


How well do your future leaders cope with stressful situations?  - How do individuals react emotionally to stress, external events and pressures? 

What is the most important trait for leadership to have in your organisation? - Look at the 6 traits that make a great leader and decide which are the most important and beneficial to your organisation. 

Identify key strategies for leadership development - Look beyond traditional strategies for leadership development and recruitment to create a cadre of leaders who are self-aware, agile and emotionally intelligent.