Remote Working: Personality and Performance Research Results

By Ian MacRae 

Remote work is no longer the 'work of the future' - it is the work of today.

This whitepaper covers the research of Ian MacRae, test author of the High Potential Trait Indicator (HPTI) and Head of Workplace Psychology at Clear Review, on the correlations between personality and performance with remote working.

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What does the whitepaper cover?

  • Which traits are true indicators of success in remote working

  • The challenges and benefits of remote working

  • The emerging trends in remote working - technology, globalisation and workplace culture

“People can work remotely in varying degrees. Some employees work outside the traditional office environment as little as once a week, while some work remotely 100% of the time.” - Ian MacRae   

With more companies moving towards flexible and remote working, for many different reasons, remote work is an important area of research. Do you know how to communicate with and manage different workers with different personalities? With globalisation opening up the door for a larger pool of talent – are you ready to manage them remotely? 

"Remote working is linked to improved productivity, job satisfaction, and work engagement."


Personality and remote work - Personality traits, measured by the High Potential Trait Indicator (HPTI) and how they are an excellent indicator of performance and potential.

The most important HPTI traits for remote work - Which traits were found to be the most indicative of success in most types of remote work.

Performance Management of remote work - How looking at the Traits of a worker can help you with how to manage them.