Tackling Tough Conversations 

How to identify and adapt to different communication styles to manage workplace conflict, and how tackling these conversations head on can be beneficial to the whole team. 

This whitepaper also offers examples and scenarios based on real life issues, so that there is not only the theory to tackling conflict head on, but also how it works in practice. 

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What does the whitepaper cover?

  • How to identify the route to take when confronting workplace conflict

  • Strategy for communicating effectively during conflict 

  • The do’s and don’ts of resolving conflict in the workplace and how to maintain objectivity  

During periods of change, conflict in the workplace is common. Tough conversations come in all forms, they come easily, but dealing with them is something that leaves most of us cold at the prospect. 

With big changes on the horizon, it is good to have a full strategy for tackling tough conversations efficiently and where it will be resolved in the long term and not keep coming back. 

This whitepaper covers not only the types of conflict that you can encounter, but how through the power of assessments they can be resolved and avoided in the future. 


The cost of conflict - where does conflict arise from in the workplace? By discovering the core root of the conflict, you will be better prepared for how to approach it and when a tough conversation is needed in the workplace.

Assumption – the architect of disruptive responses - When someone displays a negative response, it is human nature to automatically take it personally. However, this is not always the case. So how do you respond without resorting to common assumptions?

Preparing for the conversation - What key behaviours can you look for in preparing to tackle workplace conflict? Asking good questions, knowing what to avoid and really investigating behaviours and communication styles can make this conversation much easier.