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Christy Williams

Christy Williams
Christy Williams
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Emotion Management

What is your role at Thomas?

As the marketing automation specialist, I spend most of my time in our automation platform. I’m responsible for engaging with our lead database before they are passed over to our BDR team.

What is the best thing about working at Thomas?

Even though I’m in a ‘specialist’ role, my day to day work is varied. There’s always new projects and campaigns to work on - as soon as one thing is done, we move on to the next - no day is the same!

What do your assessments say about you? 

I strive for perfection in most things I do and have high attention to detail. I can pick up new things quickly but I don’t particularly like making decisions – I need to weigh up all of the risks and assess lots of information before I do.

What do you most enjoy outside of Thomas?

Outside of work you’ll currently find me spending my free time running (although I’m not sure enjoy that…), or binge watching a series while scrolling on Pinterest trying to plan a wedding – the dislike of making decisions isn’t making that any easier!