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Tim Newbegin

Tim Newbegin
Chief Financial Officer (Board Member)
Tim Newbegin
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What is your role at Thomas?

I am the Chief Financial Officer, leading our finance, operations and legal teams. Uniting these functions through a common way of working helps my team to deliver efficiencies, whilst supporting the business with financial and legal insights, and systems.

What is the best thing about working at Thomas?

Thomas allows people to develop as quickly as they want. Self-awareness is central to the company culture, and we have taken the pace of change in the last few years as an opportunity to grow our people. Our team dynamics and high engagement levels are a testament to this. 

What do the assessments say about you?

As you may expect from a CFO, my profile shows a strong preference for compliant behaviour, meaning that I like things to be right, first time. I prefer to think things through before engaging in discussion. Even in stressful situations, I calm things down so that I can make considered decisions.  

What do you most enjoy outside of Thomas?

I like sport -particularly golf- which is such a rewarding and frustrating game.  I enjoy the peaceful walk around the golf course and a relaxing chat with whoever I am playing with, whilst also indulging my competitive streak. A laugh over a drink caps things off at the end of the round.