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Bespoke 360 Solutions: Providing a 360-degree view of candidates

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The Challenge

At just two years old, the newly founded business needed to grow. It is taking its solutions to a new customer base that is still largely relying on inadequate recruitment tools such as CVs. Bespoke 360’s Commercial Manager Claire White explains: As much as there is an initial outlay, we are reducing costs, because you are getting the right person. The administrative costs of wading through CVs for 27 days on average to find the right candidate are considerable.” 

During a tight labour market and an economic downturn, the penalties of bad hires are exacerbated. Hiring the wrong person can be costly, not just financially, but reputationally, because the individual has had a poor experience of your company. Churn also hurts your team’s productivity and morale. Bespoke 360 needed to provide clients with a solution to this increasingly urgent problem.

Bespoke 360 challenge

The Solution

Claire explains that Bespoke 360 Solutions uses Thomas’ flagship Behaviour assessment alongside its Aptitude assessment to “do everything from job profiling to induction, onboarding and training. Rather than relying solely on CVs at the sifting stage, we are trying to save people money whilst getting them the right candidate. There are not many people who are doing that.”  

Although some of Bespoke 360’s clients are initially sceptical about the value of psychometrics, especially when they have not used them previously, Claire and her team find that the results of the assessments speak for themselves. Claire says, “At first clients might be critical of psychometrics. We typically ask a member of their senior team to take a Behaviour assessment, and once they read their report, they understand the value of the assessment and think it’s incredible. They are on board from that point. We let the assessments do the talking.” 

Claire continues, “We are trying to completely change the way that recruitment works. We think it’s time that recruitment evolved past throwing CVs at people." Thomas assessments form a key component of Bespoke 360’s offering, and the valuable insights they provide are helping the company grow its client base. Claire says, “We love Thomas assessments and use them all the time. We find that our clients really respond to them."  

Bespoke 360 results

The Results

Through the use of Thomas assessments, Bespoke 360 is saving its clients time and money in an environment where both are scarce and firms and hiring managers are under pressure. Claire says, “With us, companies can predict whether a new hire will be successful at an early stage in the recruitment process, because we’ve done the assessments to confirm that we’ve put the right people forward.” 

With a Thomas accredited trainer on the team, Bespoke 360 has found that Thomas solutions add value for their prospects, helping them grow their client base. The Thomas assessment supports Bespoke 360 in achieving its vision of recruitment reform. Claire continues, “It’s not just about hiring new talent, it’s about hiring the right talent. That’s what psychometrics do, and it’s why we do what we do.”  

Sometimes, Claire says, getting the right person “means being brave enough to say ‘Actually, that candidate isn’t right for this role, let’s look at something different.’ But this actually helps us to build a trusting relationship with the client.” The assessments provide vital new data points for Bespoke 360’s customers. Claire continues, “Unless you have a psychometric report in front of you, you wouldn’t know that someone isn’t the right candidate for the role and the ethos of your company. Without that insight, you’ve got no idea.”

Ultimately, Bespoke 360 is saving its clients time and money using psychometrics. Claire says, “Not only do our clients get the right person for the role first time, but the breadth of the Thomas reporting also allows them to understand how to best onboard that new hire. Thomas’ ‘How to Manage’ report is part of our package, which means that our clients don’t have to put new hires through generic training because they know exactly what training they require. This brings both the cost and time to productivity down. The cost savings are absolutely huge for our customers.” In the current economic downturn, these benefits are being enjoyed by a rapidly growing group of Bespoke 360 customers. The recruitment revolution is underway. 

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