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How Thomas helped The Dream Collective grow it’s team by 24% and improve productivity during the global pandemic crisis

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The Challenge

The consultancy was in a phase of rapid growth and restructuring. In addition to the increasing head count, the business wanted to understand the people in the organisation better, in order to support them in implementing initiatives that would be sustainable and successful in the long term.

With job vacancies reaching peak numbers thanks to the pandemic, the business also wanted to be more streamlined and selective in its recruitment for key roles. As a Diversity and Inclusion consultancy it was important that The Dream Collective could select the right behavioural profiles to drive its next phase, whilst also completing the hiring process within compressed timelines. 

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The Solution

The Dream Collective discovered Thomas International through a recommendation and found value in the insights that our assessments can provide. This data helped to guide and validate the business’ decisions during a period of restructuring and expansion catalysed the global crisis. 

The Dream Collective experienced minimal challenges implementing Thomas’ psychometric assessment and reporting software, which integrated seamlessly with their existing people processes. The entire team of twelve were involved in the implementation process. The leadership team were involved from the planning stage, and Thomas supported the business throughout implementation until the final review and evaluation phase.

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The Results

As a result of implementing Thomas assessments, the consultancy was able to put sustainable initiatives in place to carry the business forward into the future with confidence. Despite accelerated growth of the company and rapid restructuring, the leadership team could be confident that the new hires they were bringing in to fill key roles had the right traits and behavioural characteristics to represent and take the brand forward to new successes.

Thanks to implementing Thomas’ PPA assessment, The Dream Collective has been able to reduce the time it takes to deliver projects. The personality insights provided by the assessment have resulted in improved internal communications within the business, contributing to substantial productivity gains.

Since implementing Thomas assessments, the consultancy has also benefitted from greater insight into what a good fit looks like, and more structured and effective onboarding of new recruits. Using Thomas’ PPA assessment to inform recruitment has reduced both the time and cost involved, liberating the business to focus on further growth.

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