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Magneti Marelli utilised Thomas assessments to implement a robust, agile and standardised recruitment process

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Magneti Marelli

Behaviour (PPA)

The Challenge

With a vast international presence and diverse structure, Magneti Marelli were looking to unify their factory model into the company using Thomas tools. It all started due to high attrition rates in Brazil, where Magneti Marelli needed to hire over 2,800 employees in only 18 months. In order to do this effectively and efficiently, they needed to implement a robust and agile recruitment process.

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The Solution

Part of the solution was a combined project to standardise the manufacturing, Quality and PMO teams with a new organisational model to improve the quality and productivity of all employees globally. Alongside Thomas, a persona model was created to evaluate people from the perspective of technical skills and workplace behaviours. Using Thomas assessments, a job profile was created for each of the available roles to indicate which candidates were more suitable for a certain role. Using the PPA was a hugely important part of the project and Magneti Marelli trained approximately 200 people (2% of all personnel) in using the PPA on a technical level. This allowed everyone from HR to line managers and plant managers to use a consistent language when making recruitment and development decisions.

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The Results

Positive change at Magneti Marelli.

Magneti Marelli's people responded positively to the introduction of new processes, both internally and externally. "The results of the partnership with Thomas are exceptional for me. We have grown together by integrating our assets and the partnership is increasingly effective and efficient. We have carried out more than 8,000 assessments on external and internal candidates with extraordinary results. Thomas has become an integral part of Magneti Marelli's new processes and structure." - Andrea Franco, Head of HR of Manufacturing, Quality and PMO.

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