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Silverlake used Thomas assessments to attract and retain a younger talent pool

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Behaviour (PPA)
Aptitude (GIA)
business growth in 10 years

The Challenge

Silverlake Automotive Recycling was going through a period of growth and needed to expand its workforce. They wanted to ensure that they were selecting the right type of people to fulfill many new and varied roles in the new service areas and that they were accessing a wider talent pool and drawing in people who could work in different ways. They needed to attract a younger, more diverse range of applicants. Finally, they wanted to ensure that the people they already had were in the right positions and if not, that they could redeploy them within the business.

Silverlake challenge

The Solution

The leadership team decided that the key to much of the challenge lay in better understanding how candidates and current employees behave in the work environment - their strengths, limitations and how quickly they learn new information. Once they had deployed assessments with their current staff, they then implemented them as part of the recruitment process to bring new people onboard.

This solution was implemented over 10 years ago, and the business has been using these assessments ever since. Simon Bastin-Mitchell comments: "We simply would not be where we are today without the PPA and GIA from Thomas International. The feedback that these assessments provide is invaluable. It allows the senior team to facilitate employee development, we have a better understanding of what motivates each worker and the assessments remove all the assumptions from the recruiting and redeployment processes. Our decisions are rooted in science rather than being based on hunches and suppositions".

Silverlake results

The Results

300% Business growth in 10 years.

"Introducing Thomas assessments into the business has delivered huge benefits. We have hired great staff and the working environment is more harmonious - we have achieved a greater level of people awareness".

Silverlake has successfully expanded its employee base - they now have 115 members of staff, which is a 90% increase in just 10 years. During the same period, productivity has increased by 110% per employee.

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