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Talent Assessment Platform

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Talent Assessment Platform

Thomas for all your recruitment and development goals

Unlock your people’s potential with the Thomas talent assessment platform. Measure behaviour, aptitude and personality traits – and map them to role success benchmarks to better predict performance and make data driven people decisions.

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Recruit based on data, not just gut feel

Look beyond lists of skills and experience to reveal true potential and capability

We've been using Thomas assessments ourselves for years, and we believe that Thomas Perform will make it even simpler to identify candidates' strengths and limitations, communication style and at a much earlier stage of the recruitment process.

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Nour Sbitany
Assistant HR Advisory Manager

Manage and motivate your people

Unlock the potential of your team and keep them engaged

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Why choose the Thomas talent assessment platform?

Thomas is the market’s leading talent assessment tool. We combine technology and psychology to translate people’s diverse characteristics into easy-to-understand profiles that simplify decisions about recruitment, retention and development.

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Our powerful, user-friendly platform gives you immediate insights into your people’s work personalities, behaviours and aptitude.

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Thomas assessments are underpinned by proven science, validated by world-class institutions, and have been trusted by more than 22,000 customers globally over the past 40 years.

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Driven by predictive analytics and machine learning – and informed by more than 23 million assessment data points – our assessments help you understand what qualities a great employee really needs.

Unleash the power of your people with Thomas