Launching a new vision for the industry: Team Interaction Optimisation (TIO) |

I am excited to unveil a breakthrough concept that we believe will revolutionise the way we interact in the workplace. It’s called 'Team Interaction Optimisation' (TIO) and we believe it will be your new work superpower.

The world has changed.

Thomas, alongside our global customer network, has observed increasing pressures on individuals and organisations due to the evolving work environment. These changes have introduced major challenges such as feelings of isolation and struggles in communication that harm both individual progress and organisational outcomes.

Today's workplace faces a deep engagement crisis. What’s more, current HR strategies have been ineffective at curbing this crisis. A year after 2022’s 'Great Resignation', half of workers globally are still poised to quit (Thomas research). Employee engagement has sunk to a ten-year low, with only 21% of employees feeling truly engaged (Gallup). This trend is unsustainable and calls for urgent remedial action.

It’s time to change the way we work.

Traditional workforce planning models are increasingly out of touch with today's fast-paced world. Creating a resilient, adaptable workforce requires more flexible task reallocation, refocusing talent sourcing models (for instance from experience to potential) and, crucially, empowering our people to adopt work methodologies that best suit their individual needs and strengths.

So, we tapped into our global network in search of an answer. Benefitting from more than forty years at the forefront of people science, a global customer network and our dedicated research and analytics teams, we have identified a way to solve this crucial issue.

Today, we're introducing a revolutionary new category in workplace technology, which we call Team Interaction Optimisation (or as we like to call it, ‘TIO’, pronounced "Tee-Oh"). This ground-breaking approach promises to redefine the way we work, addressing the mounting challenges faced by individuals and organisations in today's volatile work environment.

TIO: What teamwork's been missing.

Imagine a work environment where you can make lasting connections, accelerate your career progression in directions that are purposeful to you, and be respected for your unique contributions. Now imagine that every one of your colleagues was enabled in a similar way, able to achieve their fullest potential. Their company’s ability to achieve spectacular outcomes and differentiated performance, one that benefits us collectively, would increase exponentially.

That's what team interaction optimisation offers. This innovative approach uses deep psychological insights, grounded in highly validated people science, to guide everyday interactions. By equipping team members with mutual self-understanding, TIO empowers us to become better colleagues, leaders, friends, and partners. This fosters vibrant cultures and accelerated company growth.

The transformative power of TIO.

A new storm of disruptions to working life is looming. While boosting our productivity, the new wave of AI technology threatens to widen the skill gap and displace millions of roles. Remote work will continue to test employee loyalties like never before. Compounding this, businesses face the growing impacts of climate change.

TIO is a vital compass for navigating this turbulence. By normalising profound interpersonal understanding, TIO equips us to create diverse, inclusive and highly collaborative workplaces. Better interactions enable the adoption of new business models and organisational designs that demand workforce resilience and agility. They can streamline recruitment and team integration, delivering enhanced collaboration, innovation and decision-making. Better interactions are the key to people-centric leadership, masterful management of dispersed teams and the personalised learning opportunities that individuals crave. We’ll be diving into the applications of Thomas’ TIO solution in more detail at our upcoming Product demo.

Harnessing the power of TIO, organisations won't just weather the coming storm, but sail towards a successful, sustainable future. This is our moment to meet the needs of every individual yearning for meaningful work, and to answer the collective call for sustainable work practices fit for the high-change environments that define our times.

I invite you to grasp the future of work today. Become an early adopter of Thomas’ breakthrough TIO solution and join us in writing this exciting new chapter of workplace evolution.

Let’s make TIO the new work superpower.