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Talent assessment strategies and predictive hiring tools are an imperative investment for companies who hope to succeed in the coming months as recruitment needs ramp up.  

According to Thomas’ research, recruitment slowed in 67% of companies and stopped completely in 8% during 2020. Now, 66% of organisations plan to increase recruitment activity during 2021. That means recruiters are about to get really busy, and they’re going to have to recognise and secure great talent at speed. 

How can HR managers and business leaders be sure they’re set up to manage the predicted influx of recruitment and development requirements? It’s all about preparation – and if you haven’t prepared already, you need to start now! 

Psychometric assessments offer an excellent way to see beyond someone’s skills and experience to really delve into their motivations, strengths and work preferences. They’re a great way to understand how an individual might operate within a team, or even lead one. But which assessments should you consider? 

Personality, Behaviour and Aptitude complement each other

The advantages of psychometric assessments can be multiplied by measuring different characteristics, rather than just one. Research (Furnham & Treglown, 2018) has shown that a combination of personality and aptitude assessments, for example, can add unique value. 

For instance, higher Conscientiousness (our internal motivation and achievement-striving) has been related to lower levels of Reasoning (our ability to process new information quickly and accurately). Psychologists refer to this as the ‘Intelligence Compensation Hypothesis’ – some individuals who are naturally able to process and apply new information quickly don’t develop self-discipline or achievement-striving traits because they don’t need them in order to be successful. Additionally, those who are naturally driven and achievement-striving sometimes develop these aspects to their personality in order to succeed when they don’t naturally learn new information at a fast pace.  

Combining Behaviour, Personality and Aptitude assessments allows you to understand not just how people react to certain circumstances and pressures, but also why they respond this way, and which situations may benefit from their traits. 

By combining a range of assessments, you can uncover insights into a much wider range of characteristics, strengths and limitations than your candidates’ CVs or LinkedIn profiles could possibly tell you. You could find answers to questions such as: 

  • Will this candidate be able to manage the pace of my role? 
  • Will they gel with other members of the team, or rub them up the wrong way? 
  • How should this person’s manager communicate with them to optimise productivity? 
  • Does this candidate have potential to climb the company ladder? 
  • Will this person add value quickly and stay in the role for the long term? 

You can stack the odds in your favour by combining multiple psychometric assessments with structured interviews, helping remove the guesswork and reduce the influence of unconscious biases while you’re at it!

Thomas enables tools to predict success

With Thomas’ talent assessment platform, you can easily build job profiles by telling us what really matters for each of your roles. Your choices will allow us to instantaneously define a success profile built from personality, aptitude and behavioural characteristics. You can then simply compare candidates against this profile to determine goodness-of-fit based on the requirements of the role. 

This insight can inform who you choose to bring forward to interview, with our interview guides recommending the most important questions to ask. We prioritise questions in areas where each candidate has a low fit with the success profile you defined.   

With our new talent assessment platform, you can make the best possible recruitment decisions without days of training and with no consultancy required to get you set up. On top of it all, we offer a great candidate experience at the centre of the process by providing candidates with instant access to their own psychological profiles. 

Keep up with operational demands and get started today 

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