Using Thomas Perform – the Interview Guide |

The recruitment process is something that can differ greatly not just from company to company, but also from person to person. Whether your company process dictates how many interviews to carry out before making a final decision, what to do in the interview – do you ask the candidates to draw a picture that best represents them and the things that they are passionate about, sing a song, tell a joke or keep it more traditional? Do you have a set series of questions to ask, perhaps or a defined number of people that should be in each interview? Or maybe you don’t have a fixed recruitment process, and everyone does it their own way?

Whatever applies most to you and your company, it cannot be argued that getting it right in an interview is vital – not just for finding the right candidate for a role, but also to give the candidate a good experience. In this age where you can find end-user reviews for everything and anything, companies aren’t immune from bad reviews of their recruitment process. This can have a negative impact on not just future recruitment, but also on customer engagement – increasing numbers of savvy customers are checking employee reviews for potential vendors on sites like Glassdoor as part of an RFP process. 

Don’t trust your gut, trust Thomas

So how do you get it right? There are countless articles and guides that have been written, and it has to be said that different things work for different companies, but the main point of a job interview is to make sure that you’re hiring the right person for the role. Gut feel is something that is often talked about as being a great way to find the right person, but research has proven time and again that you need more than just a good feeling to hire the candidate with the most potential for success in a specific role. 

Thomas is very well known for our psychometric assessments – we’ve been helping businesses to make smarter, more objective people decisions for 40 years now. In 2020, we launched our new talent assessment platform, with three main pillars at its heart – simplicity, trust and insight. We’ve built the platform to be simple to use – you don’t need training, accreditation or a background in psychology and psychometrics to get instant value from it. It’s backed by our trusted science, which is based on some of the most widely accepted psychological models, including the Big Five personality model. Most importantly and related to this topic though, is the insight that it gives. Understanding an individual’s personality and behavioural traits as well as their aptitudes helps you to better predict whether they will be a good fit for the role that you’re hiring for – what’s becoming widely known as Predictive Hiring

Use our interview guide to fill in the blanks 

One of the key components of the Thomas talent assessment platform is our interview guide. This is dynamically generated for each individual that takes our assessments, and gives you suggested questions to ask in the interviews that will help you to delve into any gaps that may exist between their assessment results and the traits and aptitudes that you define as being most important for success in each role you recruit for. Using these questions in an interview, you can really get to the heart of each interviewee, ascertain whether they really are a good fit for the role and understand more about their personality and behaviour than you would from a standard interview.  

I’ve recorded a short video showing the interview guide in Thomas Perform, and explaining more about it:

In less than two minutes, the video takes you simple step by simple step through using the dynamic interview guide, demonstrating how our platform makes getting the right information from an interview incredibly accessible. If you’d like to find out more about how Thomas could help you to improve your recruitment process and unleash the power of your people, please do get in touch.