Thomas announces global partnership with Workable |

Partnership agreement delivers a one-stop solution to help businesses recruit high performance teams

Thomas International (“Thomas”) today announced a new partnership with leading recruitment Application Tracking System (ATS) Workable. Workable is a leading recruitment software provider, focused on accelerating businesses’ ability to source, attract and recruit top talent. The new partnership enables companies to integrate Workable’s ATS with Thomas’ talent assessment platform (“Thomas Perform”), helping HR and talent acquisition teams around the globe make quicker, better recruitment decisions.

In the current tight labour market, it’s never been more critical to move fast to secure the right talent for your business. Being able to integrate talent assessment and applicant tracking solutions in this way gives companies the ability to rapidly yet confidently assess a candidates’ fit for role, whether in a co-located, hybrid or remote environment. This empowers organisations to accelerate recruitment processes without compromising candidate quality, reducing time-to-hire, time-to-productivity and the overall cost to hire.

Allowing firms to effortlessly tap into employee networks, resurface past candidates and passively source new ones, the Workable platform now integrates seamlessly with Thomas’ talent assessment platform, which is verified by the British Psychological Society for accuracy and fairness.

The integration makes it easy for multinational companies to leverage people insights at scale, helping them establish candidates’ alignment with company values and accurately predict a candidate’s potential for success in a role. Objective psychological science is also proven to reduce bias in recruitment, promoting diversity.

Luke McKeever, CEO at Thomas, said: “This partnership represents a major step towards recruitment that delivers against the need for speed, objectivity and predictive insight. By combining Thomas’ unrivalled pedigree in people science and global assessment data analytics with Workable’s industry-leading AI, we have created a one-stop solution to help organisations succeed through a progressive approach to talent.”

Jennie Drimmer, CSO at Thomas, added: “Our new global research report on the state of recruitment indicated that as many as six in ten new hires don’t work out in some capacity. This partnership has the potential to be transformative for the majority of businesses out there. We are working to create a world in which resourcing is agile yet robust, in which individuals can flourish and feel a strong sense of purpose and alignment with organisational values.”

Trevor Schueren, Product Partner Manager at Workable said: "We're thrilled to partner with Thomas International and their science-based approach to behavioral, aptitude, and personality assessments. Through our new integration, joint customers can send and see assessment results right from within Workable."

About Thomas International

Founded in 1981, Thomas International transforms the performance of organisations around the world through smarter people decisions, looking beyond just skills and experience to identify the true potential and capability of people. Its talent assessment platform combines technology, psychology and data to make the complex nature of human behaviour, aptitude and personality easier for everyone to understand. Thomas generates millions of assessments each year for companies across 140 countries which help to unleash the power of their people.  

For more information contact Thomas on [email protected]

About Workable

Workable is where the world hires. Since 2012, we’ve helped 20,000 customers hire over 1.3 million people. You get more qualified candidates with Workable than anywhere else. And you get them faster. Which is why we’re the world’s most popular recruiting platform.

With Workable, a team of two can hire like a team of 10. Building insights gathered from every hire back into our platform, Workable thinks like a human but works at the pace of a machine.