Thomas Launches World's First 'Team Interaction Optimisation' (TIO) Solution To Revolutionise How We Work |

LONDON, 12th June, 2023: Thomas, a global leader in applied people science, today announced the creation of a new category of workforce solutions, Team Interaction Optimisation (TIO). This ground-breaking approach promises to redefine the way we work, addressing the mounting challenges faced by individuals and organisations in today's rapidly changing work environment.

In recent years, increased economic volatility, geopolitical instability, the rapid adoption of AI, and a range of new working models have put unprecedented pressure on employees and organisations worldwide. Inadequate and impersonal communication and collaboration tools, coupled with changes to working practices, have led to a crisis of engagement. According to recent data from Gallup, employee engagement has hit a decade low with just 21% of employees feeling genuinely engaged at work.

In this context, the arrival of TIO represents a monumental leap in our ability to address these issues, promising to enhance communication, foster collaboration, and nurture a culture of empathy and understanding. TIO uses proven people science-based insights into personality and behavioural profiles, aptitudes & communication styles to equip individuals and inform every interaction underpinning the working day. 

Thomas’ CEO Luke McKeever said, "At a time when nearly half the world's workforce is on the brink of quitting, traditional workforce planning models are proving insufficient. We need to evolve. We need to transform the way we work, and this is where TIO comes in."

"We believe that TIO can bring about a seismic shift in how we as individuals interact, connect, and thrive in our work environments. It has the potential to re-establish lost connections, curb burnout, and create resilient and adaptable workforces. It has the potential to help us find the joy in our working lives again."

Leveraging a scientific approach, Team Interaction Optimisation helps create resilient workforces and innovative talent sourcing models. It empowers individuals to adopt ways of work that best suit their strengths and needs, and those of their teammates, while ensuring leaders are equipped to inspire, enable and advocate for their teams.

Applications of TIO in the workplace are limitless. For example, teams can use TIO insights in remote meetings to understand which colleagues prefer to receive pre-reading before making decisions, and who might benefit from visual aids when reviewing complex data. TIO also helps keep each meeting participant aligned and engaged by prompting recaps and other facilitation aids.

The launch of TIO coincides with the global expansion of Thomas' most advanced platform yet - Thomas Perform. The latest release allows users to share their personal profiles with their colleagues and teams, yielding actionable insights that lead to better conversations and more productive ways of working, elevating engagement, enjoyment and performance.

“The platform is designed to enable teams to perform better than the sum of their parts, strengthening the fabric of work relationships and boosting collective productivity”, commented Thomas' Chief Product Officer, Gareth Jones.

While announcing the establishment of the new category of solutions, Thomas also emphasized the challenges ahead for individuals as they face the future of work. A storm of disruptions is looming, with technology threatening to displace thousands of roles and the skills gap widening further. The escalating trend towards remote work, cost of living increases and the growing impacts of climate change are additional hurdles facing organisations and their employees.

“As a new category of solutions focused on empowering individuals the world over, TIO will emerge as a trusted compass, equipping us to navigate these stormy seas," said McKeever. "Very soon, joining a business without a TIO solution will be as strange as embarking on a sales role without a CRM system. 

“By harnessing the power of TIO, organisations and their employees won't just weather the storm, but sail towards a successful, sustainable future together. In a world of ubiquitous automation, it is through the empowerment and actualisation of their people that an organisation will be able to prosper."

Thomas invites fellow industry pioneers to consider developing similar solutions, welcoming engagement with a broader ecosystem. “TIO will equip businesses around the world with a unique opportunity to step away from the crowd and chart outsized success” adds McKeever. “Much as a rising tide elevates all boats, TIO accelerates the advent of a new era of teamwork. With TIO, we can shape the future of work together.”

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