Thomas Manifesto on Recruitment

When it comes to recruitment, Thomas knows what really matters. Like how to get to the heart of people’s skills, motivations and behaviour, so you can unlock their true potential. 

This manifesto challenges what many others assume and combats common myths with real science.

So, if you’re as hungry for data-driven insights as we are, download for an in-depth look at what Thomas knows. 

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How to look beyond the CV

Even though a CV is a great snapshot of a person’s work history, how can you see if they will be a good fit for your team? Someone with 10 years experience in a role can still be bad at it.   

Make the right recruitment choices

What good looks like for your company doesn’t stop at experience. How will you understand whether someone will succeed in your organisation? You need to look deeper, at behaviour, aptitude and personality. 

How to beat bias in recruitment

How can you take an objective approach to recruitment? When it comes to recruitment, we must endeavour to beat the bias – assessments are the best way to do that.