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Crown Case Study

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Improving the candidate experience and hiring the right people for each position

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Crown Case Study

United Kingdom
Aptitude (GIA)
Behaviour (PPA)

The Challenge

Crown's graduate plus program is an international opportunity for early career professionals to gain first-hand experience of working in Crown across many departments and at different sites around the world. As this is a highly sought after scheme, the last time that the hiring team ran the program, they received over a thousand applications and faced the challenge of whittling these down to a top ten. 

Crown uses Success Factors as their ATS for a smooth recruitment process and optimal end-user experience. 

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The Solution

Crown decided that the GIA (aptitude) assessment was a great way to accurately predict which candidates would be best suited for the scheme. To do this, the hiring team sent out the assessments to candidates who had passed screening questions and were confident that they were making decisions based on science, without any bias. This meant that the hiring team could easily see which applicants had the skills and strengths to thrive in the role and were able to select the top 50% to continue to the next round.  

After another round of interviews, the hiring team sent out the PPA (behavior) assessments to see which candidates had the natural behavior style that would fit into the company culture, the team and the graudate plus program. This valuable insight was used alongside face-to-face interviews, workshops and activities to find the top ten candidates who were right for the program.  Both the aptitude and behavior profiles are looked at throughout the recruitment process, providing valuable insights and affirmation when taking candidates forward in the process.  

An important part of the graduate scheme is to recruit individuals who have the potential to go into leadership positions within the company. By using a combination of the Thomas aptitude and behavioral assessments, the hiring team can accurately predict which candidates meet these expectations and are more likely to be successful within the role.   

‘We’re looking for future Crown Leaders...the GIA assessment is a really powerful tool.’  

Catherine Peach
Talent Acquisition Manager | CROWN Bevcan EMEA
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The Result

With help of our assessments, the hiring team can reduce time spent sifting through CVs and know that they’re making confident choices hiring the candidates who are the best fit for the role, the team and the company without any unconscious bias. The hiring team found correlations between the scores from the assessments and the success of the candidates throughout their hiring process.  

‘Both the PPA and GIA are really beneficial for the hiring process.’