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Rugby Business Network have used Thomas assessments to develop athlete performance, enhance transition programmes and deliver results

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The United States national rugby sevens team competes in international rugby sevens competitions. The national sevens team is organized by USA Rugby, and the team has been led by Head Coach Mike Friday since 2014.

Via the Rugby Business Network, the USA 7’s rugby team approached Thomas ahead of the Rio Olympic Games to improve consistency in performance through greater self-awareness amongst team members.

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The Challenge

Team work is the foundation of success. This is as true for athletes and sports teams as it is for business professionals. Developing self-awareness and an understanding of yourself is the gateway to building effective working relationships with your team.

When team members work well together, there is little they cannot accomplish. Looking at the bigger picture when it comes to your teams, such as their behavioural and emotional preferences and the impact they have on each other, can greatly increase your chances of developing a high performing team.

The Rugby Business Network (RBN) use Thomas assessments to do just that. Thomas tools allow them to gain a deeper understanding of an individual’s preferences, something the RBN have used to develop athlete performance, enhance transition programmes and ultimately deliver results.

Mike Friday, Head Coach of the USA 7’s Rugby team, has been working with the RBN to embed Thomas assessments into the team’s training programme in the lead up to the Rio Olympic Games, in order to improve consistency in performance through greater self-awareness amongst team members.

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The Solution

As a high performance sporting team where effective communication is crucial to successful performance, the team needed to develop their understanding of each other. As a result, they implemented Thomas’ behavioral assessment

Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) to identify their strengths, limitations, motivators and communication preferences; helping team members and coaches to tailor communications to individuals, so as not to misinterpret them and stifle learning.

The PPA compatibility report was also used between players, coaching staff and the management team. The reports uncovered a number of potential challenges to effective team relationships, which allowed them to put timely strategies and development plans in place to help individuals to modify their behaviour to the preferences of others.

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The Results

Mike comments: “We saw Thomas assessments as an important part of us helping our young team to become more collegiate as a group.” Mike adds, “The process educated all of us in that it helped us realise the different ways people see things and therefore that with each individual, different approaches are necessary. The assessment helped me discover how I could work better with the team and coaching staff.”

Mike concludes, “It has been very insightful working with Thomas International. It has encouraged open communication within the squad and has created a foundation for us to create winning performances on the pitch and to be a more united squad off the pitch. I would highly recommend teams looking to find the edge in high performance to explore this approach.”

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