Predictive Hiring Factsheet

22 February 2021
2 minute

Improve your hiring process with data-led recruitment 

Predicting Hiring factsheet


Predictive hiring is the concept of using data-driven analysis to determine who will be a good fit for your job role, and who is most likely to be successful in the position. It empowers recruiters to make better informed decisions with qualitative and quantitative data. 

Predictive hiring psychometric tools are designed to help businesses understand how a candidate would perform under certain conditions and in the job. With the correct measurements in place assessing aptitude, behaviour and personality traits, businesses have a better chance of hiring the right talent. 


Predictive Hiring statistics

With figures like this, you need a robust hiring process which enables you to easily monitor applications, screen applicants and make the right hires, quickly and effectively. 


The sooner you act, the sooner you can implement solutions. Start by taking these 6 easy steps to integrate a predictive hiring plan into your recruitment processes for better hiring success: 

  1. Standardise your recruitment processes across all departments  
  2. Use objective data to identify what good looks like in your organisation 
  3. Create a clear job profile around these success criteria 
  4. Introduce psychometric assessments to provide an unbiased and consistent evaluation 
  5. Measure candidates against your preferred criteria 
  6. Make these elements a recruitment priority so you don’t miss out on the best talent 


Predictive hiring tools focus on combining science, data (often taken from psychometric assessments) and analytics to predict the role and cultural fit of employees and candidates. Our psychometric assessments can help you: 

Predictive Hiring tools

Don’t trust your gut when it comes to making vital recruitment decisions, trust Thomas. Download our full Guide to Predictive Hiring.

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