Using Thomas Perform – Candidate Feedback through Thomas Profile

6 April 2021
2 minute
Using Thomas Perform – Candidate Feedback through Thomas Profile

One area of the recruitment process that can be easily overlooked is providing feedback to the candidates. At times, recruiters may feel overwhelmed with large numbers of candidates applying for a role and providing feedback to them can be a challenge that often falls to the bottom of a priority list. 

This experience can leave a candidate feeling ignored and undervalued and can result in poor reviews being posted on sites like Glassdoor, giving a negative view of the business to future prospective candidates and even prospective customers. Providing a cursory “you weren’t successful in this application” response goes some way towards resolving this, but it’s just one part of creating a positive candidate experience, which we’ve written about in the past, so I won’t go over old ground.  

However, one thing that’s worth considering is giving the candidate something that they will value whether they get the role or not. No, I’m not talking about sending them some corporate branded merchandise. What if you could give them some invaluable insight into their aptitudes and characteristics? Help them to become more self-aware, to learn, to grow, and to better understand how others might see them? 

That sounds like an awful lot of work for already stretched HR and talent acquisition teams, but with the Thomas talent assessment platform, this can be accomplished without any extra effort or cost. 

The Thomas platform consists of two applications: 

  • Thomas Perform – the application used by our customers to invite their candidates and employees to take Thomas assessments, to then view their results, compare candidates to each other and access deep insight into their behaviours, personality and aptitudes. 
  • Thomas Profile – the application that our assessment takers log into. Within Thomas Profile, they take their assessments and are able to access a summary of the results of their assessment once they’ve completed it. 

By using the Thomas talent assessment platform, you not only get a deeper understanding of your people than their CVs and LinkedIn profiles could ever reveal, but you also give your assessment takers insight into themselves – how their aptitudes, behavioural and personality traits might impact the way they work as well as how others might view them.  

I’ve recorded a brief video that’ll help you to understand how you can create a world-class candidate experience and unleash the power of your people today with Thomas Perform and Thomas Profile.  

If you’d like to learn more after you’ve watched it, why not get in touch today and find out how Thomas could add more value to your recruitment processes?

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