Recruitment solutions

Increase your chances of predicting whether a candidate is a good ‘fit’ for your business.

What predicts success?

Behaviour Aptitude Personality


Understanding a person's behavioural style will allow you to evaluate their fit for certain job roles and their preferences for communicating with others. Assessing behaviour in the recruitment process helps you predict who will deliver outstanding results and thrive in your company's culture.

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  • Assess person-job fit
  • Improve communication
  • Motivate and engage staff
  • Identify areas for development
  • Manage performance
Recruitment behaviour testing
In just 8 minutes, our behavioural assessment gives you a powerful insight into your candidates and their fit to a specific job role
Recruitment aptitude testing


Exploring a person's aptitudes will reveal how quickly they can learn new information and problem-solve. Aptitudes like Verbal, Numerical and Spatial reasoning are some of the best predictors of job success.

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  • Measure 5 aptitudes that predict job performance
  • Identify areas where coping strategies may be required
  • Ensure a new hire will thrive in a fast-paced environment
  • Identify people with fast-track training potential
Our aptitude assessment measures five core areas of learning speed including verbal, numerical and spatial reasoning


A person's personality drives their behaviours, attitudes and motivations. Assessing someone's Workplace Personality will provide a valuable insight into their work ethic, emotional resilience, desire for change, approach to risk, need for clarity and desire to win. Our Workplace Personality assessment measures traits proven to predict success at work.

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  • Create and support leadership development plans
  • Boost teamwork amongst leaders
  • Inform succession planning
  • Boost employee engagement by creating strong leadership
  • Add certainty to graduate recruitment
  • Retain future stars by developing them into senior roles
Recruitment workplace personality testing
Our workplace personality assessment identifies traits that can be advantageous for certain jobs and highlights the potential for an individual to derail at work

Want deeper insights?

Learn more about Job Profiling or Benchmarking

Job Profiling

By defining the ideal behavioural requirements of your roles, you'll be in a powerful position to make clear decisions on which candidates fit the role you're recruiting for. In addition, with the right employees in the right roles, you'll have a higher level of job satisfaction and you'll be able to truly get the most out of your people. This means you'll reduce staff turnover, develop the right people for the right roles and reduce the likelihood of recruitment mistakes.

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Do you want to take the stress out of making people based decisions? Our suite of tools can help you make more informed decisions and develop HR strategies designed to tackle anything from improving recruitment, understanding and aligning company culture, increasing workforce productivity and performance to reducing company turnover.

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