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Recruitment Industry Tests

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Recruitment Industry Tests

Recruitment and staffing companies operate in a competitive environment that demands they not only recruit the best talent, but that their hires fit the company culture and stay for the long term.

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Recruitment tests for recruitment firms

In recent years the world of work has transformed. So must recruitment. Hirers need to find new ways to identify the best candidates for their customers, reduce bias in the recruitment process, and manage their own teams of recruiters effectively, often working in remote or hybrid environments.

By taking part in the project with Thomas, it's really enabled us to look at ways of streamlining our process, thinking of ways to save time and money. We've had incredible success and it's been absolutely perfect for us.

Eliz Fidan
Team Leader of Talent Acquisition

Reduce staff turnover – both in-house and for customers

Despite growing as a sector, the recruitment industry struggles with a disproportionately high staff turnover rate. Find candidates who will stay the course but deliver value, fast.

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Aptitude tests for recruitment  

  • Assessments help you make the right hiring decisions  first time, so you can concentrate on growing your business and save time and money on recruitment
  • Objectively compare candidates and validate hiring decisions with leading behavioural science
  • Identify staff who can quickly learn skills on the job using the Thomas Aptitude assessment


Remove unconscious bias from your decision making

Everyone is subject to unconscious bias. But to succeed, recruitment and staffing companies must hire objectively and recruit diversely.

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How we can help

  • Select the desired characteristics and traits of your ideal candidate using our job profiling tool
  • Use star ratings to objectively rank candidates against your pre-selected criteria
  • Use our targeted interview guide to frame questions to explore the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses at a deeper level

We always start with Thomas' Aptitude (GIA) assessment, which measures the learning ability of a candidate. Based on the years of experience we have with this assessment, we know that the results are a very good predictor of the rest of the selection process and of the ultimate success of the candidate in the organisation in which he/she is placed.

Jeroen van der Made
Director and Owner

Make managing your remote recruitment team easy

Recruitment and staffing companies increasingly need to negotiate the new reality of managing a remote workforce, delivering results while maintaining the wellbeing of their staff. 

Platform tab 7 - manage conflict effectively

Psychometric test for recruitment

  • Find out how your people prefer to communicate and be communicated with
  • Discover how to motivate your people with the Thomas Behaviour assessment
  • Learn how best to manage each individual to ensure productivity whilst maintaining a positive state of wellbeing

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Up your remote working game

Some individuals love working remotely, while others will struggle. Find out how assessments can provide vital insights into how your people will cope with remote work, as well as how best to support them.

Discover your new work superpower