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Ask anyone working in HR or a people profession now and they will tell you how busy they are. In over 30 years of working in the corporate HR, consulting, and training field, I have never known a time so busy or challenging, but this too brings fantastic opportunities!  

The challenges have been brought about not only by the Covid pandemic, which means a significant percentage of your employees may be working from home, but also the remnants of Brexit. Covid has left its mark especially on the hospitality and retail sectors.

Whilst working from home has brought many advantages for both employers and employees, it has also made it more challenging for managers. More than ever, it is essential that as a senior leader or business owner you look at how you can develop your team to future proof your business and ensure your leaders can deliver the vision for your business.  

I have heard this phrase a lot lately and am sure that you have too: “It is said that people don’t leave a bad company, they leave a bad manager. Bad managers aren’t usually intentionally bad, they just need some guidance, support, and development.”

If this is your business, or even if it is not yet, there are things you can do now to make a difference. It is an employee market, with over one million vacancies across the UK alone. It is too late when your best employees are heading for the door as they will already have felt unmanaged, undervalued, or indeed poached by your competitor with a better salary or joining incentive.

As the Author of the Thomas 360 competency frameworks, used within the bespoke 360 questionnaires, I can safely say that as a diagnostic tool it has become essential to re-establish the leadership talent pool in 2022.  

You can start this process for your business now. Get 2022 off to a flying start by supporting, guiding, and developing you and your leaders.  

1. Assess  

Find out what your leaders and teams' strengths and limitations are. This may sound like a daunting task but by using the behavioural framework already written for you, (based on what success looks like and 20 years of research), you can tailor-make your questionnaire quickly. You have the choice to pick from thirty-two key behavioural areas and you can amend any of the wording – meaning you can add your own frameworks in as well if you have them. And of course, all 360s are accessible online and available in over fifty languages, making it easy to create international programmes as well. 

2. Guide 

Set an example. Get involved, show your managers and employees that you are serious about their development and career. It is often a good idea to get a third-party to help with this and that’s where Thomas can help. Having an expert to help explain the assessment tools and the results and having a templated personal development plan in place is crucial.  

Most of my clients ask for our experienced coaches to support with the feedback as this is key for maximising the use of 360-degree feedback.  

These coaching meetings do not just focus on the 360 results, and they can elicit discussions to explore barriers to success. Done with skill, your leaders will thank you for these meetings.  

A question I get asked frequently is at what level do I start in the business? Ideally at the most senior level is a great place. The benefits of this can then be cascaded throughout the business.  

Also, some organisations say they are not ready for 360 yet - “we don’t have the right culture”. This is the perfect time to use 360 as an enabler for change. With hundreds of projects under my belt I have never had a client where they have not benefited from the process. You are in control of all stages of the process.

3. Develop and Support

Once you get to this stage, what happens next? Do not stagnate. Put an action plan in place and ensure that your management team are all on board and understand completely the next steps to be taken.  

In addition to this, high-performing managers used to a face-to-face environment may find it more difficult managing remote employees. Supporting these managers to get the best out of their people using assessments and tracking their progress with Thomas 360 gives them the best possible chance of success.

In conclusion, my advice is to act now to safeguard your leaders, managers, and employees. Use Thomas’ cost-effective tools to get the ball rolling and engage an independent HR person to help you along the way as this adds an independent objective professional, who will also be there to support you and your team.  

Why not get in touch? Contact Thomas now to find out how they could help you and your business.  

About the Author 

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Sarah Hamilton-Gill FCIPD is Managing Director of Globus HR Consulting Ltd and Author of the range of Thomas 360 products. Sarah has worked internationally to design and develop a range of 360 programmes to support Leadership Development.