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June 22, 2023 – Today, leading industry analyst George LaRocque released a pivotal report heralding the arrival of a new solution category – team interaction optimisation (TIO) – which is poised to revolutionise global workforce productivity, leadership, and employee engagement.

The rapidly changing world of work – increasingly decentralised, collaborative, and shaped by evolving technology – has contributed to a growing disconnect between companies and their employees. Alongside long-standing issues such as declining productivity, high attrition rates and skill obsolescence, plummeting employee engagement signals an urgent need for change.

The insightful report, ‘Improving the Employee-Company Connection’ guides readers through the complex work landscape, highlighting the emergence of the new TIO solution category to bridge these gaps. TIO, part of the wider category of Work Tech, builds traditional enterprise technology categories like HR Tech into the flow of work through employee-first design principles that drive inclusivity and better equip the workforce to meet future challenges.

The report covers evolving aspects of the work landscape including:

  • The impact of the economy, societal forces, and market trends on team interaction.
  • Essential shifts required in management and leadership to foster team interaction.
  • The alignment of Team Interaction Optimisation (TIO) with existing trends such as skills-based organisations, democratised employee coaching, and new organisational models.
  • The emergence of Work Tech and the potential it holds for enhancing team interaction within the context of its six foundational principles.
  • The potential disruption of existing HR technology categories as team interaction optimisation evolves as a subset within Work Tech.
  • Predictions for the future of team interaction and the evolution of Work Tech.

Basing its insights on primary and secondary market research, the report provides business leaders, Talent Acquisition and HR professionals, investors, analysts, and vendors with valuable benchmarks and an essential guide to the emergent talent interaction optimisation (TIO) category.

"TIO has the potential to fundamentally redefine the way we understand work, and more importantly, the way we engage and interact within it," states LaRocque. "This report is designed as a guide for those looking to lead in the new world of work, offering insights and strategies for maximising the opportunities this shift presents."

'Improving the Employee-Company Connection' is an essential read for anyone seeking to stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving work tech landscape. The report is available now.

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