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Team Interaction Optimisation Platform

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Team Interaction Optimisation Platform

Recruit, equip and empower people
to prosper and thrive.

Give everyone the people science insights they need to bring their best selves to work.
Better connections, interactions and performance are just one platform away.

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Power brilliant work interactions, every day

Equip yourself with deep self-awareness to guide your actions and create enriched relationships

We've been using Thomas assessments ourselves for years, and we believe that Thomas Perform will make it even simpler to identify candidates' strengths and limitations, communication style and at a much earlier stage of the recruitment process.

Nour Sbitany - procapita
Nour Sbitany
Assistant HR Advisory Manager

Recruit based on role and team fit, not just gut feel

Look beyond skills and experience to find the right people for your business

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Engage and motivate your team

Build engaged teams, understand communication styles and look after their wellbeing

What makes us different?

We’ve combined technology and psychology into an intuitive platform packed with deep people insights. Whether you’re taking your next career step, recruiting, fighting staff attrition, building engagement levels, or helping teams develop and gain a competitive advantage, TIO is the new work superpower that helps you and your people be their best, authentic selves every day.

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Put the power of people science to work straight away with no training needed

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Find every role’s best fit, and assemble harmonious teams with easy-to-understand insights

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Underpinned by proven psychological science and validated by world-class institutions and academics, we’ve got over 40 years of experience helping people around the world 

Discover your new work superpower