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Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones
Chief Product Officer
Gareth Jones
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Number Speed & Accuracy

What is your role at Thomas? 

My official title is Chief Product Officer which, broadly speaking, means I’m responsible for leading Thomas into the digital age from a Product perspective. I lead the Product Experience and Business Services teams to deliver the best product experience to our customers and employees. 

What is the best thing about working at Thomas? 

The people and the challenge. Okay, so that’s two but who’s counting?! It is a great business that really cares about people, but also one that recognises that it is going through a transformation to take the best of the last 40 years of credible heritage, and deliver something new for the next 40. There’s never a dull day at Thomas! 

What do your assessments say about you? 

The assessments have me ‘down to a T’ in characterising me as a ‘non-conformist’! Rules and structures only in moderation please! I am a very people-oriented individual who is fascinated by human behaviour, which has been a strong theme in my career. So it's no surprise that social awareness and relationships are ‘above average’ for me, as is optimism.  I’m also a very laid-back individual, which also came out loud and clear in my assessments. 

What do you enjoy outside of Thomas? 

I’m not a person of hobbies or sports particularly, and instead I like to spend time with friends or family. I have a thing for puzzles and logic games and will often dip into those to break the stress of a day. In my spare time I also work a lot with start-ups in the people tech space, helping and mentoring the founders, which I really enjoy.