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Gillian Ward

Gillian Ward
Chief People Officer
Gillian Ward
Ambiguity Acceptance
Spatial Visualisation
Emotion Perception
Social Awareness

What is your role at Thomas

As Head of People, I am responsible for ensuring that the employee experience at Thomas is the very best it can be.  I work with an awesome People Team who work hard to make this a reality.   

What is the best thing about working at Thomas

For me it’s the ability to make a difference, primarily due to the company’s receptiveness to progressive people practices and the fact we can experiment and iterate to get things right.  

What do your assessment’s say about you?

I work at pace and want to get things done.  I’m patient but can become frustrated if blocked or slowed down. I’m learning to moderate this!  I’m also comfortable with grey areas, which is essential in a People role. I have low competitiveness and don’t need to be the loudest in the room, but I listen and observe all the signals to understand the full picture before giving an opinion or making snap decisions.  I like to be well organised (and have a colour coded calendar – anyone else?).  

What do you enjoy most outside of Thomas

I would really like to wow you with a unique and adventurous hobby, but I’m happily boring in that I simply love being around my family and friends. And I walk.  A lot.